Tuesday, January 8, 2013

There are plenty of legit reasons why I haven't kept my blogging promise...

actually only one: we have one functioning computer on which a person can accomplish exactly ONE task before it freezes up and fritzes out. So, typically, I check my email and/or pay bills when absolutely necessary. We bought a new one from Costco but hated it and took it back. I think we might just be getting old and irritable at the idea of anything new, but I sincerely hated the format of Windows 8, chronically mistyped on the flat keyboard and was just too tempted by Costco's return policy. So anyway...I have other reasons too, like I am lazy. And fat. And sooooo sick of being pregnant. And I am sort of incapable of writing (to say nothing of thinking) about ANYTHING besides how sick of being pregnant I am, which isn't all that uplifting or fun to read about. So hopefully as soon as new little Nora decides to show up (tonight????) I will be more eager to blog about things less depressing than the discomfort and misery of the end of pregnancy. I have good intel that predicts she will be born this Friday or Saturday, when the weather and pressure changes. That would be perfect! I can wait that long...and I have a ward shower on Thursday night and then Adam wouldn't have to cancel any of his patients. So here is to hoping for a happy birthday on Friday January 11th! Or tonight.

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