Monday, June 21, 2010


Hi folks. It has been a while. I am in Utah right now, eagerly awaiting the resutlts of tomorrow's senate primary race. As a former Utahn, unable to currently exercise my right to vote in the state, I want to give my plug for my favorite candidate (and uncle) for the United States senate. Mike Lee rocks. So any of you fine people who are registered residents, please consider voting for Mike. Here is why:

-Mike was literally born for this job. He would never tell you that. Contrary to repeated attacks of arrogance, Mike is one of the most capable people I know who still manages to keep his feet on the ground. He is bright, extremely well qualified, well educated and has been uniquely prepared, since the day he was born, to make a difference in the United States Senate--but make no mistake...I am the one telling you that because I know him well enough to know, not because he is arrogant enough to presume the job is his.
-Mike is hilarious. And loud. Sometimes we just laugh at how loud he is. He will make his voice heard as your senator in every possible way, figuratively through his skills as a Constitutional scholar and literally with his, shall we say, fine tuned vocal chords. Mike has the unique ability to absolutely mezmerize his listeners whether he is discussing the Commerce clause or the right way to build a sandwich. He knows no other way than to be a strong, decisive and convincing leader; he will be just that on the Senate floor as he implements his intellectual prowess and sharp understanding of the US Constitution for the good of the state; he will do it through a strong felt belief in the need for government to limit itself and adhere to the principles contained in our founding document. He will make his point by wowing his audience with a profound ability to think deeply on the spot, clearly articulate his thoughts, make EVERYTHING interesting and exciting, and damnit, make you laugh until you pee your pants if necessary.
-Mike is one of the most honest people I know. As your senator, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will do everything possible to hold himself to the promises that he has made in his campaign, such as:
-repeal the healthcare legislation
-set both House and Senate term limits to 12 years
-return more governing power to the states
-balance the federal budget
-keep federal budget at or below 15% of GDP
-institute a flat tax

Please vote for Mike. Obviously I love Mike because he is my uncle. He is smart, funny, charismatic and so so very fun to be around. There are very few people I would rather sit down and just chat with. But more than that, I can absolutely vouch for his work ethic, honesty, integrity and knowledge of the job that lies before him as your senator. Furthermore, his wife rocks too. No good man can do anything good without a good woman next to him. Sharon is absolutely that good woman in addition to being incredibly bright and eloquent herself.


Monday, June 7, 2010



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