Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things I have realized that really should have been obvious

-Eh. I need my haircut.

-Taking funny face pictures with friends was fun in high school; it's still fun to do with your kids.
-Every child is different. It doesn't matter that I read this 500 million times or that 500 people told me. I have tried every which way to fit Tate into Eli's mold--because that is what I know. He does not. In many ways, this is wonderful. He is his own adorable little sweet person who has smiled in 6 months 90% more than Eli has in almost 4 years. But he does not sleep through the night. He does not take consistent naps. And I have tried everything including moving him, drugging him, letting him cry, rocking him, etc. They are different...unbelievably enough.
-"Slimming" tank tops only work if you are already slim; you never see a fat girl modeling a tank top that is supposed to make you skinny because it doesn't, much to my dismay.
-Making plans for the next day when you are awake in the middle of the night with a crying baby is a bad idea. The middle of the night is the worst time to be making sound plans. Or speaking for that matter. Mean things can be said to people who deserve no such thing.
-Most of the money we will make one day will go to tithing, taxes and loan payments before we even see a dime of it. So I am trying to temper my excitement for Adam to graduate with a measure of discipline and realism.

-Brothers are mean to each other. They don't mean to be mean. They just kind of are.
-Growing your own food, er, having your husband grow your own food is totally satisfying. These are from our humble little garden, pretty huh?
-Fat babies are just absolutely and completely endearing. I don't know if there is just a shortage of babies in general here, but absolute strangers seriously think it is ok to come up and not just remark on, but pinch and squeeze Tate's fat rolls...and I sort of can't blame them.