Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh wow

Seriously I have spent a decent portion of the last 24 hours feeding and rocking my baby. I'm not stupid, I know that's what moms just do; why I am having such a hard time??? He won't sleep. I can spend an hour feeding, rocking and holding him while he is on the verge of complete exhaustion and he won't give in. And when he does he fidgets the whole time so that he usually wakes up ten minutes later and barely gets any real rest. It is so frustrating. How am I ever going to work from home if it takes me three hours to get my screaming baby to take a nap? I seriously go through the routine of changing, feeding and rocking several times before he finally succumbs. Sometimes he doesn't sleep more than eight hours in a twenty four hour period. This can't be normal. Am I crazy or is my kid? He just fights it so hard and I wish I knew why because we are both miserable with this sort of routine. He finally did today and I didn't even feel guilty about running to the gas station, getting a big diet coke and chilling by the pool for an hour...he was asleep and Adam was home, so don't think I'm a terrible mom. I'm just a bad one. Good thing he's so cute and squishy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fat baby in a little swim diaper

Yeah. We are definitely going swimming again today. When your kid looks that good in a speedo diaper, how can you not? Adam just talked to Aunt Lara, who is having a baby next week; we are going to go out to see her in Newport on Sunday and have dinner with Grandma Burr and the Johnson family. So that means I need to go to the grocery store today which means I won't be in my hot house! We are for sure going swimming though first. So all of you back in Utah, enjoy the Nordstrom sale! I get to see Lara's baby and you get to go shopping. Sounds fair.

First time in the pool

We have a few precious months before Adam begins his grueling schedule. He is working from home right now which is really nice (except that it is 9 million degrees in our house at the moment.) Yesterday we couldn't stand it anymore so we took Eli for a swim. Duane got to come too since we basically live in a senior citizen retirement community where everyone is far too old to visit the pool anymore. There are lots of other geriatrics who love Duane almost as much as my dad does and want to take him for walks. Sweet. Anyway, Eli got in the pool for the first time and really liked it. So did we because it felt remarkably cooler than our fiery inferno condo. Hopefully we'll get that taken care of today. Did I mention it was hot in here?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

There we were and here we are

So here we are. My internet connection has been spotty since we got here, but don't worry we only have to standby from 8-5 today to have someone come fix it. We love it here. It doesn't quite feel like we have moved yet because Adam's mom and my mom have both been here for the last week helping us get settled in-which was so so nice and helpful. It would have taken me 3 weeks to do what we all did in a week. I went on a bike ride yesterday and observed how very much this town reminds me of Orem and Provo. It is very family oriented, smallish but not hickish. Its beautiful and sunny and way too hot. I hope that all of your air conditioners are working well; maybe you could email me some fresh air to cool down my 94 degree house. You read right. Factor in the humidity and I wonder if all of us aren't going to go to sleep and never wake up. But don't worry, hopefully the fix it man will be here sometime between 1 and 5 today. I swear I feel like I need to take a shower every hour in this sticky humidity. We pretty much chose the worst time of the year to move to California, but that's ok. We are going back to Utah in two weeks and then to Idaho for a ranch retreat. We'll hang out for a while there because Cameron is coming home from Japan! So maybe we'll miss a little bit of the miserable hotness, although I guess its not much better in Utah. If I sound like a downer right now, it seriously is only because it is so so hot in my house. Once we get our air conditioner working properly, everything will be 100% wonderful. We really do love it. We went to a fresh fruit and vegetable market last night and I enjoyed some lovely peaches on my patio this morning. That is our favorite room in the house. Go here if you want to see more pictures of the house:

Friday, July 6, 2007

Excited to move but hate moving

No time to post cute pictures or write deep thoughts. Too busy packing all of the crap I own. Seriously, do three people and a small dog really need this much stuff to live? Man. Adam is going to roll out of here on Sunday and then we will join him next Wednesday. We are sad to go but excited to get settled in at our new place. Gotta go pack.