Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas card

When my cousin, who graciously shot this picture, passed it along, he did so with disappointment that it didn’t
turn out that great…I disagree. This picture represents a measurable amount of behavioral progress from last year’s Christmas card; sure, one of us is at an awkwardly pregnant stage, one of us is in the middle of picking his nose/grabbing himself, and one looks strangely like an alien gazing off into space. However, if you will recall last year’s debacle, all four of us were looking NOT at the camera and two of us were screaming and writhing. So I am pleased with what we have accomplished this year by way of photography etiquette. This year marks the third consecutive Christmas living in a different state for us. Since our attempts at voting in two swing states during the election proved unsuccessful, we have decided to stay put for a while! Truly, we enjoy Colorado and are so happy to be back in the West. Eli(5) and Tate(2) are still as wild as ever. Yesterday, as I winced while ineffectively chasing Tate up onto the stand at church, (which everyone else seemed to find amusing) I seriously wondered what we are going to do with a third child—who just so happens to be a baby girl and should be here near the end of January. Adam says it will be fine because we pre-ordered her to be nice and sweet and calm and to never break anything or run away from us. So that should be great and we are all excited to meet her. We are grateful this time of year for the friends and family we have, of whom you are, that make celebrating the birth of the Savior all the more meaningful; we wish you a Merry Christmas and wish you the peace and comfort that comes through him. Love, The Burr Family