Friday, February 26, 2010

It's so quiet here

My people just left for two days in the "bus house." My inlaws came down for the past few days in their motorhome, played non-stop with my son, took us out to dinner AND are giving me two and a half days of solitude. I like them. I like the quiet. Here is what I am going to do this weekend:

-Finish the birthday sign I started for Eli--since that is pretty much all I will probably do by way of celebration
-Return some baby stuff/get the last few things I need WITHOUT Eli's help
-Print and pickup pictures for photo albums
-Start man cub's baby book
-Get a pedicure for my disgusting, calloused, chipped-paint toes that I can no longer reach
-Go get a new toilet bowl lid for the one I clumsily broke while trying to clean it
-Take a nap
-Prepare the lesson for the Gospel Essentials class that I am scared to death to teach on Sunday...this is the only drawback of Adam leaving with my son for two days; I have to teach his class which we have both agreed ONLY a returned missionary should teach. Hmmmm.

I know, with the exception of the pedicure, that this doesn't look like a particularly exciting list of things to do. But I can't tell you how thrilled I am to run errands without Eli. I adore the kid, you all know I do. But he is not the easiest of errand pals...and at 37 weeks pregnant, it is really all I can do to carry myself around much less a hyperactive, uncooperative two year old.

So I am so glad that my boys are riding in the bus house, spending time with family and having a great time; I said goodbye to all of them fifteen minutes ago, realizing that the next time I see my brother in law, who is leaving for a mission to Argentina in two weeks, I will have a different two year old than the one I have now! A little bit surreal. And hopefully I will look a little bit different too. I am proud of Matt and wish I could be there to hear him speak. But I already told you I was excited to be by myself this weekend. It was nice to get to spend time with Matt before he leaves and I am glad that Adam and Eli get to be there to support him this weekend.

All right. Myself and I have things to do. I love the quiet. I am sure it will get lonely and boring by tomorrow, but twenty minutes into it, I love it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


-1 wedding
-2 graduations
-1 dog
-2 kids (nearly)
-2 moves
-5 (and counting) continuous years in school
-A few good fights/no divorces...:)
-Some pounds lost and gained
-Multiple lessons learned
-Many memorable trips: British Columbia, Hawaii, Moab, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua
-Lots of shared hobbies: snowboarding, hiking, debating
-Countless hours of History channel watching
-Scary amount of debt
-Infinite number of smiles and laughs
Total: 5 good years. Here is to 5 great more. And forever after that. Love you Adam.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The room is ready

It's amazing how many things we don't get done during football season; now that it is officially over, (sigh), I have had us on a strict dejunking, reorganizing and cleaning out the crap Saturday schedule. Call it nesting. Call it Spring cleaning. Call it catching up on all the stuff we didn't do because we were sitting on our couch watching football every Saturday for five months. I don't know what to call it but it has felt so good. And now we are officially ready for the boy who has no name to arrive...except for the fact that he still doesn't have a name.

It's more than a little crowded. But they are boys. I am excited.

Monday, February 8, 2010

One thing I absolutely love about California

No other state has them: Adorable little blonde haired, tanned skin surfer boys who are tough and cool and awesome; nothing is nearly as cute as a dad and his boys running down to the beach with their surf boards. Eli is posing as one of these uniquely California specimens at the ripe age of 2.5; too bad he will not grow up to fulfill his full potential as a surfing junkie since his parents are otherwise unenamored by the rest of the state.