Sunday, January 13, 2013

For Heidi

I got tagged to complete the following assignment; and I am supposed to tag other people to fulfill the assignment as well...I don't know that I have that many people who regularly read my blog but if any of you do, repost the picture, come up with 11 random things about yourself and answer the questions I did, only change the last one to your favorite Eli or Tate story. I am talking to you Chelsea Maughan, Ashley Spencer, Joanna Martinez, Jordan Roberts, Heather Taylor, Oliva Burr, Ashley Salo Burr...I think those are the only people who ever look at my blog. But if anyone else does and wants to be tagged, tag yourself please!
11 random facts:

1- I have a half brown, half blue eye

2-I hate saying goodbye. Like really. I would so much rather slip out unnoticed without ceremony.

3-I like to argue for fun but I don't like real confrontation.

4-My kids are crazy and I get satisfaction out of other people acknowledging so...makes me feel less crazy.

5-Lake Powell is hands down the greatest place on earth as far as I am concerned.

6-I love to read

7-I love to run. Especially up Provo Canyon with my mom and sister

8-I am not very nice...I am lots of good things, but nice is not one of them.

9-I love to cook but I am still blaming my lack of doing so regularly on the fact that it was really hot in my house due to no A/C...its January.

10-My husband rocks. He made German pancakes and played legos with two boys fighting continuously over legos while listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir while I slept in until 8:30.

11-Nearly every part of my body hurts right now. And Adam keeps posing hypothetical situations where I am pregnant for a much longer period of time in exchange for some outrageous reward; my answer is always "no."

1. When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Uh...this morning. Isn't that the last time everyone brushed at 4pm???

2. How many days per week do you make your bed? ZERO. I hope my mom doesn't read this. I just really don't see the point.

3. What does the last text you received say? "I am soo excited for you! Seriously nothing better in this entire world than a baby girl! Let me know." From my aunt Christie.

4. If you could do anything you wanted for a day, what would that be? Go on a long run, get a big ddp with lime, sit by a pool with a wonderful book, fall asleep by the pool, get a pedicure, go to dinner with my husband...preferably in Hawaii. Or snowboarding instead of pool.

5. Are most of your friends real or virtual? Real. I don't virtual friendships that aren't real first.

6. With how many adults have you spoken in person today? 2, which is a lot for me. Sad.

7. What did you have for lunch (or your last meal) today? Fudge graham zone bar and crackers with cottage cheese.

8. If you could go to lunch with anyone, with whom would you dine? My mom and sister.

9. Are you hungry yet? Or craving grown-up conversation? Always.

10. If your toenails are painted, what color are they? A lovely fuscia.

11. What's your favorite Gavin story? Oh it's gotta be the fresh clean towels loaded into the bathtub... After Heidi had just washed all the household towels, she found them all soaking in Gavin's tub. My favorite part is the "just because," as in, "Why WOULDN'T I throw all of the towels my mom just washed into the bath with me?" I remember when I first read that story just laughing my guts out and realizing that I encounter similar ridiculousness all the time and I DEFINITELY don't react by laughing. It's just always funny when someone else's kid does it. I know this is not Gavin's most maddening or destructive episode but I love it because I just know the bewilderment and astonishment that ensues in your brain when a kid does, even mostly innocuous, things like happens to me less than it used to but I am soooo familiar with the scenario and it is fun to read about it and laugh rather than stumble upon it in your home and go blue in the face yelling! I mean, speak softly and calmly but in a firm voice that he should not have done that.