Saturday, March 29, 2008

More pics...its getting obnoxious, I know

But I always get more comments when I post more pictures anyway. I know that's all anyone really cares about.

Easter, the Mexico trip that rocked and the rest of Spring Break

For once, I am just going to let the pictures do the talking.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm a moron

Sorry. No pictures tonight. My husband is currently on his way back to Huntington Beach to pick up our camera which I negligently left outside an admittedly excellent frozen yogurt shop. Thank God for honest people in the world. It is the worst feeling to contemplate losing something that you really can't replace. But we had a great time with Reed and Elisa and their kids in Huntington Beach today...apparently, because I forgot my very large camera. So maybe tomorrow. Or check Megan or Lindsay's blog; they are usually more on the ball than I am anyway, so they will probably have something from our awesome Mexican sojourn, which, as a sidenote, has left me with a not so awesome Mexican stomach bug. Oh well. At least someone turned in my camera.


Mexico rocked. Pictures will follow-my husband is an amazing photographer in his spare time. The border was long and the churros were disappointingly greasy and not that great. The zoo was a blast; my cousin Carter is hilarious. And today we are going to the beach with Reed and Elisa and their kids, who all (along with Eli) inexplicably woke up at 4:30 am this morning. Summary: We are thoroughly and efficiently enjoying this break from school that Adam has had. Have a good day. And I am sorry to people who were offended at being removed from my people list. I still love you, I still check your blogs occasionally. I just don't want to check everyday for people who don't update. I'm sorry.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Things I am thinking about...

1. Buying a Shabby Apple dress tomorrow...they are on sale, so lay off!
2. A few days in Mexico with my boys and my friends. Oh yeah.
3. How annoying it is when people don't update their blogs on a regular basis. Seriously, I'm thinking about taking you off of my "People" list. Huh-gasp! I still like you, I just hate checking your blog with no recent updates. Get with it.
4. How screwed up the world's perception of marriage and child rearing is. What's with all the celebrities having babies like 8 months apart. What are they trying to do, pop out as many kids as they can before they split with the baby daddy? Some people shouldn't reproduce. Many people, actually.
5. How much I want a custom home someday. I remember going everywhere with my mom looking at carpet, and stucco colors, brick, tile, paint-the works-when building our houses. You can't do that here. You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit. You either blindly accept, and pay a fortune for something you wouldn't necessarily choose or you spend 5 million dollars because it's not worth it to any builder to customize for the little guy. PS I love my house, and I am having a grand old time tweaking the things I don't like. I'm talking future...someday I want to choose my plot of land and be the one to decide whether I want to compromise the carpet for the expensive cabinets, or vice versa-not have it all pre-selected in a paint by the numbers, one of nine model homes template.
6. How grateful I am for friends. Ask my mom. I was the biggest loser for the last 5 years or so of my life. And when Adam married me, I dragged him down to loserhood. We spent a majority of our Friday nights watching the History Channel in our sorry little basement apartment. Now we have many good friends who have brought us out of the depths of hermithood and into the world of socializing and fun.
7. How I love hate politics. Kind of like a soap opera. Hello Governor Spitzer. Slimeball. Would there be anything worse than having your husband cheat on you with a freaking prostitute...and paying 4 GRAND for it???? Adam: "What kind of loser has to pay that much for sex?"
8. I really hope E doesn't wake up tonight. So many nights of interrupted sleep are really waring. Poor kid and his always nearly emerging teeth. Or do I just have a perpetually ornery child? Probably both.
9. Mexico, again. 9 more days.
10. Why did I have to end on an even number 10? I don't know. I don't like odd numbers. Bad karma.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Taggity tag taggity tag taggy

Don't tag me anymore because it takes me like 4 years to respond. Here are the tags that I remember:
I don't have my own purse anymore. My kid owns my purse so I fit my stuff in when I can. Fortunately the wallet serves efficiently as both a personal item and toy, so that always makes it in. You can see for yourself the rest.

Adam Clark Burr but we really only call each other by first name if we are in a heated discussion. And lately I have started referring to him as Da Da, talking as if I am Eli because we are kind of inseparable entities and I am trying to teach him who his dad is, so that is pretty obnoxious.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER?: Just celebrated third anniversary
HOW OLD IS HE?: As my great grandfather would say, he is in his 25th year. And sadly, Adam doesn't think much of birthdays, or any holiday for that matter...I have no pictures from his birthday. So here is one of us wrapping presents at Christmas... I'll take one this year.
WHO EATS MORE?: Adam for sure-one of the many things I adore about him. I can always count on him to dispose of things I know I shouldn't eat. And so can my mom. He is really helpful in cleaning up the kitchen because he just goes through and swallows anything anyone left behind.
WHO SAID I LOVE YOU FIRST: Now this is a good story. So we are coming home from a night at temple square, the same day that I had taken the LSAT. I was stressed beyond belief before that night, and finally took a breath and enjoyed myself...then my way hotter than me boyfriend starts getting into all this serious talk about the financial issues that getting married presents and where you live and blah blah blah and I just started laughing; In my head, I'm thinking-fresh off my analytical pedestal, mind you- "Wait a sec, didn't we miss a step?" so I said with a classically Ashley irreverent smirk ", I'm in love with you."
WHO IS TALLER?: I'm not taller than very many people. Last month when my sister was here, we stopped at a convenient store to get a drink, and for one whole minute I stood next to this little Mexican dude whom I was taller than. It felt great.
WHO DOES LAUNDRY?: Adam rocks at laundry. He hates putting it away so I usually do that, but he folds like a champ.
WHO PAYS THE BILLS?: More than a little bit lamentably, I do now. Adam used to before he sold his soul to Loma Linda, but now I have to do the dirty work. It is especially depressing to pay bills with money you don't have, like a really bad and long game of Monopoly.
WHO MOWS THE LAWN?: HOA But Adam can't wait for the day. I like mowing the lawn though; exercise, suntan and meditation-what's not to like? So we may fight over it. Hopefully we have a lawn before our son is old enough to be eligible; aren't you obligated at that point to do your son a favor by making him mow? I wish I had pictures of Adam mowing the neighbors' lawns as a 16 year old in nothing but his boxers. And you wonder why I fell in love with him at age 15...
WHO COOKS DINNER?: I do usually. But Adam is following in his dad's footsteps as a grilled meat connoisseur. How manly.
Adam. As we were washing the car yesterday we were reminiscing about his issues with my relationship to the car during our first year of marriage. Only now do I realize how crazy I made him with the way I drove...I ate in the car, rode the clutch and didn't wash it weekly. As you may well notice, there was a bit of scale discrepancy in the caliber of car we each brought to the union. He is very meticulous about the car, even though I drive it mostly. So yeah, fortunately we made it through that first year despite my best efforts to drive him crazy...ha ha pun intended.
WHAT DOES HE LIKE TO DO?: Anything outside (except run)-snowboard, hike, wakeboard, bike, play football, dirt bike, camp...mostly he plays with dental tools indoors right now but someday we will get all of our beloved hobbies back. Adam loves to learn. He excels at everything he does, so he, therefore, enjoys most things-wouldn't you? So I suppose school is a hobby too, which is great.

I kissed him. Another good story. As you can tell, there is a bit of a height difference. And he was still such a weirdo missionary when we started dating, so I am not as aggressive as I sound...
WHO PROPOSED?: Remember the "I love you story?" Pretty much what Adam was trying to say when he was talking about money was "I love you and I want to marry you." But after our wedding was already planned by my mom and sister, he took me snowboarding on my birthday, made me hike up a cliff, kissed me and gave me a ring before making me jump off a wind drifted snow cornice. It was awesome. But we took a stupid film camera so I have no pictures to post. They are cool though.
WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS?: Adam-3rd of 6. I'm the oldest of 5.

I don't remember any of the other tags. No one else tag me though because I never do it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I know I am going to offend a lot of you Facebookers with this...

But this is how I feel about social networking sites. I applaud this kid's decision to abandon said medium. Admittedly, this is another Dr. Laura discovery. I am totally on a Dr. Laura kick right now, but this might be worth your time. Please feel free to tell me why you disagree with my agreement with this.

Eleanor Roosevelt: ‘Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.’

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A tender moment...sort of

Dr. Laura is my current heroin right now. She reinforces everything I just finished reading in my Christmas present from Ben called "What's the Matter with California?" The short answer: divorce, and the consequential fatherlessness of children, and the cult of environmentalism. That was such a remarkable and hilarious book-thanks Ben. Now I am reading Dr. Laura; one of her marital tips was to check on your sleeping children with your spouse. Adam and I typically do that every night before we go to bed just as a matter of course. She suggested that doing so is one of the greatest, easiest and most subtle ways of strengthening your marriage; to look at your sleeping baby together and marvel at that beautiful little creature you created is such a tender moment...usually.
This isn't a picture of the following story...but I think it is cute anyway.

So, last night we sneak all quiet like into Eli's room. As is to be expected, all three pacifiers are thrown to the floor, he is at the complete opposite end of the bed from where I had laid him, and all of the blankets are balled up underneath him. He is laying on his stomach on top of them with his butt in the air and face planted on the mattress. Comfy. So we tiptoe in and smile at what a weirdo he is when he lets out a huge fart.

I'm not talking like little pip squeak. It was a full on man fart. And it stunk. I dropped to my knees laughing and Adam just stood there uttering, "Good job son. I am so proud." Naturally, we woke him up. I was still on the floor laughing when he poked his tired eyes up over the crib rail smiling. It was awesome. He is definitely his father's son.

PS I have like 15 tags that have piled up. I am no good at responding to tags, so sorry. I might do it here in the next few days if I run out of my own things to say...I am sorry to those of you whom I have failed.