Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Funny stuff my kids say

Eli to Tate, ever so subtly criticizing his backwards shooting pattern in Angry Birds, "Why don't you want to win?"

Tate, after being forced to wait until almost 8pm to eat dinner on the way to Utah "Please get Tate a food."

Tate, upon climbing into bed with us and seeing Adam, uncharacteristically, wearing a hoodie "Mommy, is that a guy?" Me: "Um...yeah. He also happens to be your dad." ***I find this amusing for multiple, obvious reasons, but mostly because if I WERE going to cheat on my husband, it would definitely be in the 9th month of pregnancy.

This is more sad than funny, but while sledding on my birthday, Tate kept asking me if I wanted to sled with him and seemed pacified by my brothers and Dad and Adam until just near the end; he looked up at me and very seriously said, "Mommy. You don't want to go with me?" It just about broke my heart. Unfortunately, a two year old isn't quite capable of understanding the complexities of being 9 months pregnant and how unenjoyable it is to sit in a moving car, nevermind a moving sled down a bumpy hill. Oh, AND I would have to walk back up. But it was still sad the way he said it.

I asked Eli if he would come visit me and the baby in the hospital. His response: "Ummm, I'm not sure. Can I bring the X-box?" Actually, not a terrible idea...

Ever since a very horrible biting incident on a very, ahem, sensitive part of Tate's body, we DO NOT taking biting by Eli lightly at all. So when I asked Eli about an alleged biting incident he committed at Adam's parents house, and got the following response, it was difficult to remain stern:" Well. We were all playing in the bounce house. Eliza was there. She is older. My friends were there, and....that's all!" When I asked if we should go ask Jonah what happened, he yelled, "NO!!!"

The grand finale: While building an awesome Domino tower during church, Tate was unusually pacified and quiet. That is until Leila came over to help at the same time one of the boys came to sit down by us after passing the Sacrament. SOMEONE (Leila) knocked down the tower, but Tate attributed the crime to the unknown boy now seated to Adam's left. Tate calmly stood up and announced "I'll go hit that guy." Adam whispered, "Um, no!" Tate repeated the ultimatum several times while Adam restrained his advances. He was persistent about administering punishment but we thought we had him distracted until ten minutes later when he marched right past Adam, who by then had let his guard down, and wound his arm back to smack the kid. Adam grabbed him in time to stop the arm, but, unfortunately for the kid, not the leg. Tate managed to mete out justice by kicking the kid in the arm. We decided not to tell him that it was actually sweet little Leila who was responsible for the destruction of the tower.