Monday, May 10, 2010

Best Mother's Day ever

A happy Mother's day indeed. I am this happy today-maybe even more!

Because I got the best Mother's Day present ever: They are back!

Adam asked me on Saturday what I wanted for Mother's Day. Aside from the fact that it was a little late to be asking...I had no response because I did not think it was fair to ask for the impossible. What I really wanted was to have my lost wedding rings back. He read my mind anyway though and we went back through the events of the day I lost them. He asked if I did anything before I changed-sat on the couch or went anywhere. I said I might have sat down on the couch to nurse the baby but I already looked in, around and underneath the couch several times. He asked if I looked in the little velcro pocket behind the couch. I said I did not know what he was talking about...

So on Sunday morning, I was sitting on the couch watching Meet the Press and nursing the baby. Adam started looking in these alleged "pockets" and found some coins for Eli to put in his pig. I heard some things drop out but didn't think anything of it because I knew they had already found change and cheerios and I did not want to get my hopes up that it might be a diamond ring. Then Adam got out his pliers and a flashlight for what I thought was another futile search. A few minutes later he held up all three rings. I was floored. I covered my mouth as tears started streaming down my face. Does my husband have perfect timing or what? He remarked that he has only been able to get that kind of reaction out of me two times: Both the times he has given me the same ring.

So anyway, his ACTUAL present-another replacement ring he made in the lab- was a little bit overshadowed by the discovery of the lost rings, but I still love this one too. And I don't know where he found time to make it but here it is:

My husband completely rocks. I think I left a comment on my sister in law's blog on Saturday remarking that the Burr boys are excellent problem solvers and that I could not think of a problem that Adam could not solve. How true it is. Give him enough time, and he can do just about anything.

And Eli, bless his little heart, made this cute little flower pot for me at Home Depot. Every first Saturday of the month, Eli puts on his orange aapron
and he and Adam head to Home Depot for a project. Last Saturday he made this for Mother's Day with his cute little friend Hailey. It's the cutest thing. They worship him there! And Adam gets so excited to take him because, duh, he gets to go to Home Depot which is the coolest place ever, second only to Costco or his own couch.

So happy Mother's day to every mother I love. I think I had the happiest one though.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random bits of information

1-I'm a sucker. Either that, or having two kids is less complicated than I thought it would be...or I just need something fun to do with both of them. In any case, I decided to renew my Disneyland pass. We are going on Tuesday to meet my aunts and cousins and I confess, I am happy about it.
2-I have been making a conscious effort to drink eight cups of water everyday and I have noticed that the texture and clarity of my skin has improved; has anyone else ever made this connection? And if that is a real thing, do you know why that is?
3-I have been stuck at the same weight since Tate was two weeks old. For the first ten days, I was losing like a pound a day making absolutely zero effort and it was awesome; now that I am really trying, the scale won't budge and it's starting to really aggravate me.
4-My sister is having a girl! I'm so excited to have another little niece...however, I need someone in my family to step up to the plate and produce a boy so I can share all of my boy clothes.
5-Adam has precisely one year of school left. That makes me very very happy.
6-Which reminds me, every time I get mad at Eli for doing something that Eli does, he retorts, "Are you happy?" I wish he would ask me that question sometime OTHER than when he has deliberately done something to make me unhappy.
7-Tate is a rockstar for the following reasons:
-He does not spit up!
-He has several chins to spare
-He is extremely easily pacified; I almost always know precisely why he is crying, which means I can easily address his problem which makes my job very fulfilling.
An area where he could improve:, while I love that he is a cuddly little Taterbug, I don't love him sleeping in my bed. He far prefers to sleep on someone's chest or nestled in the crook of an arm. He will sleep for no more than an hour stretch in his own cradle. And though he weighs a perhaps too healthy fourteen pounds, he is still under the impression that he needs a meal in the middle of the night--not so my friend.
8-I love to run. After 9 months of pregnancy, it feels so good to take in a deep breath and have the air go ALL THE WAY to my lungs. I got into the St. George marathon for October of this year. So it is officially training time.
8-Wow, my thoughts pretty much revolve around myself and my kids. Got to get back to my religious news watching habits and read something other than, What to expect the first year.