Sunday, September 21, 2008


Random thoughts due to my severe blog neglect in recent months:
1-My testimony of blogging is obviously struggling. I have grown rather disenchanted with the whole operation.
2-I am working again. Wahoo. For a girl named Ashley, which reminds me: I have never met an Ashley I did not like. Is that a narcissistic coincidence or are we just all cool?
3-My son and husband went on a footballing/grandmaing weekend, leaving me completely ALONE for two whole days. So I went surfing by myself. As in, I went to the beach alone. It was everything above and beyond fabulous. I devoured a People magazine and a Diet Dr. Pepper and got washing machined by the waves. I fell asleep watching football on Saturday. And then I went and got a pedicure, which needs no detailing of its awesomeness, followed by a late night showing of Ghost Town. Please do yourself a favor and go see it. I do not recall a time in the recent past when I have laughed so hard. After the second day of trying to have a meaningful conversation with Duane and getting no response, I happily drove to the airport to pick up my brood and concluded that I am so happy I do not live alone all the time...but I won't lie, I had a delightful weekend. And so did they.
4-Does the Republican party even exist anymore? Let me get this straight: Hands off, laissez faire economics, no regulation, free market rules, bla bla bla...unless it gets really really really bad, and then we'll pump cajillions of dolla bills into the system and maybe still not stem off a depression. This is scary business. I am glad I am already poor and have no plans of being otherwise for at least three years. The one bright shining star of our rapidly collapsing economy is that the almost certain next President Obama will literally not have the resources to even suggest his disastrous universal health care or tax policy. Does anyone else think it is comical that our government seems to think that it can prevent things like hurricanes and economic(after ignoring the warning signs for years)downturns?
5-I am so happy that it is almost sweatshirt season. I so look forward to many upcoming Saturdays watching football in my sweats.
6-Someone told Adam that Eli was one of the most well behaved children that they had ever seen on a plane...I don't understand. Adam said he was unbelievably good. Obviously I am happy that he was nice for Adam, but...does anyone else understand why this sort of irks me? Maybe the kid has turned a behavioral corner and we will have more children BEFORE we abide in the Celestial Kingdom. Or maybe he only behaves when I am not present.
7-Sorry no pictures. Not like you read this far down anyway since there are no pictures.
8-Oh, and finally, why was I not the genius behind this gem? I can't believe this.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We are officially done excursioning

The wedding is over, our sojourns are done. Thank you Ashley for ensuring that I was well dressed...when my sister saw me all fixed up for the dinner, she said, "Holy cow, who got you ready? Whose clothes are those?" What, like I am incapable of dressing myself....? Thanks Ashley. It was wonderful. And now that my sister is officially married, she has earned the right to begin the blog. I am still waiting for wedding pictures to come my way. Here are some of the slim pickings that I do have.

The following weekend we went to Mesa, AZ for a dental conference and to stay with my wicked awesome aunt Wendy, Nana Poof to Eli...we figured if he was going to spend a whole five days with someone that so closely resembled the authentic Nana, that said authentic Nana should get credit for spending time with him. So, Wendy has slightly, and by slightly, I mean greatly more, poofy hair than my own mother. Thus, Nana Poof she became. Eli wasn't quite sure about the whole deal. He would stare at her when we asked where Nana was, scowl for a minute, and then go break one of her large terracotta pots or picture frames....really I was quite surprised that we left the brand new gorgeous house with so little damage: only one broken pot, one broken picture frame, a small hole in the wall and a missing phone. Can you believe they invited us back to come play at their awesome pool and house? I can't. I guess we are just that cool. Here are some more admittedly bad pictures; we figured it was high time Eli learned to cliff jump.

Anyway, I am actually so excited to be back for good and get back to more important things, like following the elections religiously in between following my kid around the house and putting away things that he pulls out of places I didn't know he could knives and such. That kid...I am not the type who plans things like Halloween costumes months in advance, but he is definitely being a devil for Halloween-this much I know. Anyone have a red cape and devil horns I can borrow? Remember, we are poor.