Saturday, September 29, 2007


Oh and the Office was so unbelievably funny. Seriously, it is for sure in the top five. And I would know, because Adam and I have spent a good portion of the last two months watching every episode of all three seasons-including the deleted scenes. My favorite part was when Ryan asked Michael if he hit Meredith with his car on company property: "Uh, yes. On company property with company property. So, we're good. Double jeopardy."

On becoming a mom

This is not meant to be sentimental or cheesy. I am not going to pour out my soul on my blog. This is strictly an observation on what being a mom does to a person. I really have not felt like a mom until only just recently. Its weird. The second you hold your child, you are overwhelmed with something you have never felt before. Its not just love. Its instantaneous, hyper-expedited love on steroids. Sure I had him in my stomach for nearly ten months but up until that point, I could have just been faking the whole thing and none of you would even know. So the way you love your child so immediately is pretty cool. I mean, Adam and I didn't date for very long before we got married; we didn't need to. But even that-deciding that we loved each other and wanted to get married-took longer than a few seconds. So its not that I haven't loved him for the past six months. I just have kind of felt like he was sort of a toy until now. I like little tiny babies. Who doesn't? And I honestly thought I would be so sad for him to get bigger and not be something that everyone wanted to just hold and stare at. My kid is nearly six months old. You may think that I have neglected to bond with him or that I am a bad mom. The latter may or may not be true, but I assure you, we have bonded. He is so freaking cool. We hang out together now! And he contributes to the hanging out. He is learning to control his hands so that he can grab the dog's ears and that is so sweet. He gets such a kick out of it. So, all I mean is that I like him so much. I always loved him, always thought he was adorable. But now that he can swim around in the bath like a fish, grab my earrings and laugh when I tell him no, kick and splash water because he can tell I think that its funny, and cry when I leave the room I feel like we are truly tight in a way that I couldn't when he would just sit there and be cute. As cool as that was, this is even more cool. Now I feel like a real mom. I have transcended the world of diaper changer and food giver to actual mother. I have BECOME! How existential of me.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Premier week

This is the week of premiers. Adam makes his premier at dental school today-and he looks pretty hot in his scrubs huh? He can either wear slacks and a nice dress shirt or scrubs...let's take a poll; how often do you think Adam will wear slacks? The results are in: Never. It is also my premier work week. I am going into Riverside tomorrow to test out a new database that I will be able to access from home. I will be going in once a week to collect the contracts that I will be eternally scrambling to persuade ADT to purchase. Its also my premier week as a full time mom. I officially am on my own at this. I'll let you know how that goes. And la la lahhh!! It is the premier week for House and the Office, as if you all did not know. I have never in my whole life been a network TV junkie. Not even in high school. I have always enjoyed watching the news far more than any fictional depiction. No more. What does that mean about me as a person? I don't really know but I also don't care because I am so excited to have new episodes of the Office and House each week. Wahoo!

I was in Utah all week last week. It was so weird to go home and not feel at home because my husband was at our home. I ran a long 19 miler with my mom and Chel and I felt like crap. The bottom line is that I am just not in shape to run the marathon. I'm just not. I hate saying that, but its true. I don't know, I might just do it and will myself to finish but we'll see. My darling favorite friend from college, Lauren Lalli, got married on Wednesday. It was so nice to be able to leave my sweet son, whom I adore, with people I knew were dying to have him. It made it easy for me to enjoy a whole day of adult interaction. Chelsea kept him while I attended the sealing and luncheon, which was wonderful. I have not made many opportunities for myself to be in the temple since Eli was born and it was so nice to just be there. And then Grandma Natalie kept him while Chelsea and I went to the reception that night. She looked beautiful, it was elegant and perfect; I got all teary eyed just driving up there thinking about weddings and love and what not. I think it was because I was listening to cheesy country music, but I am also certain that having a baby has changed the composition of my brain and heart. Who doesn't love weddings? I really do, but I have never been the type to get all weepy just thinking about my husband and baby and all that. That's at once scary and wonderful to think about how capable of change we humans really are. Anyway, I spent most of the week wrapping up loose insurance etc. ends for Duane and Eli and catching up with friends and family. It was really nice and I got to see a lot of people that I have not in quite a while.

We then drove to Las Vegas and stayed with my aunt Wendy for a night. Adam met me there and we had a fun little 18 hour visit with the Jacobson clan. We have four aunts between us within 2-3 hours each way so that is pretty sweet I guess. Anyway, we got home yesterday and I am glad to get my baby back on a regular schedule. He didn't really nap all week because he was in such high demand.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The party is finally over

Adam started school today. No more playing with Eli in bed all morning. No more eating a long drawn out breakfast on the patio. No more long walks or mid-morning guitar hero sessions. I am seriously in for a huge wake up call. In the five months that Eli has existed on this Earth, I have never once taken care of him all by myself for the whole day-(good thing I am going to Utah today so I still won't have to start being a full time mom for another week-wheew!) For the first three and a half months of his life, I had my mom and sister and inlaws and what not literally grabbing him from me all day long of every single day. Sometimes I would go through an entire day and realize that the only time I held him was to feed him. And then, we moved out here and Adam has been working...sort of...from home for the last two months, so its been a two person effort to take care of him-which by the way, is really not necessary. I mean, its a great idea to have one parent stay at home with a child, but he really probably does not need two full time parents. Really. Anyway, we made one more trip out to the beach this week and invited ourselves over for dinner at Adam's aunt Lara's house again. We are going to have to get a lot sneakier than that in the coming years I suppose, so don't make fun of our WTness. Anyway, then we got REALLY bored, so we painted. Yeah. We painted our hideous coral pink fireplace a deep dark red. And then we decided to match a few walls to it; we painted an accent wall in the office and one in the family room too. It wasn't nearly as painful as painting a whole room. So, that marks the end of our home improvement projects. I still need to touch up the baseboards and what not, but I no longer have the man at my complete disposal. Hopefully we'll see him around sometimes. I am heading out today for Lalli's wedding! I am so excited to go to the wedding and to see our families again. And then I will come back next week and hopefully start working. They are still working on getting a web data base set up for me so that I can function from home. We'll see. Once I become a full time mom, I might have a nervous breakdown and sit in bed all day. Doubtful, but I'm not kidding when I say I still don't really know what its like. Anyway, see you Utah people soon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I almost forgot Nancy!

This is my new friend Nancy. She just got baptized yesterday and it was so remarkable to be a part of her conversion. Ok. Let's be honest, she is golden so we didn't really do much to convert her because she has got that pure and simple childlike faith; but the missionaries taught her several discussions at our house and it was one of the more exciting things that has happened to me in a long time. She is so sweet and beautiful and I am so happy that she decided to be baptized. It was a really neat experience-one in which I am ashamed to have never participated since being a member of my church my whole life.


Adam and I are getting pretty restless out here. I still have not started working because my new company is working on getting a web data base set up so that I can work effectively from home... and when is Adam ever going to start school? With limited funds and unlimited amounts of time, we are about out of home improvement projects to keep us busy. Don't get me wrong, we have been having fun but we are both anxious to start in on things that are a little more productive. Actually, we have been enjoying the fruits that southern California has to offer quite a bit. We hit several hot spots this last week and I regret that I did not take more pictures. We went up to Green Valley Lake in Big Bear. It was about 30 degrees cooler up in the mountains and it felt wonderful. It was pretty too. At first, I was quite skeptical of the mountains here having come from Utah, but they do have something to offer. Adam and I decided that we need to find a babysitter so we can hop on the motorcycle and go for a ride up there. This nice 7000 foot ascent is only a half hour away from our house. We also went to Huntington Beach and took Duane to the dog beach. He didn't like the way salt water tastes. But we actually got him to play with other dogs and venture into the water a little bit. Success. Adam's family then came down on Thursday. We went to San Diego to watch Marc's football team play a high school down there. So we made a pit stop at the San Diego zoo. Adam has been talking for two and a half years (the entire time we have been married) about how cool the reptile house is at the zoo. Dream realized. He has the most amazing memory; he remembered everything he saw there from when he was like 8 years old. It was pretty cool but I have a question: Is it really all that noble to save animals from extinction if the only place they are going to survive is in the zoo? I mean, I know humans have had an impact on the environment and what not, but the zoo animals are hardly examples of animals that actually exist in their natural environment. And if they can't cut it in the wild, why is it all that important to prevent them from going extinct by keeping a relic in the zoo? Every animal we saw had a big paragraph shpeal (I don't know how to spell that, but you know what I mean) about how it was endangered and the zoo was doing everything it could to keep it alive. I'm just not sure if keeping an animal alive in the zoo is really all that laudable if it can't survive in the wild. Am I missing something? Anyway, you'll have to read Heather's blog if you want pictures and accounts of all the cool stuff we did all weekend because I didn't bring my camera. We also went to the BYU/UCLA game on Saturday. BYU played a disappointing game and lost, but it was a lot of fun. We had a barbecue in the house truck (that's what Jonah calls Bryan's cool motor home) after the game and successfully avoided traffic. Everyone went home after Grace's baby blessing yesterday so here we are again with another week-the last one- of pool hopping and beach bumming.