Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Princess Leila

Isn't she adorable? I can't wait to meet my newest little niece. Personally, I don't think she looks much like a princess; I think she is going to be a sassy, tough little chica who likes to play in the dirt with her boy cousins. But that's just me. Leila, I am so glad you are finally here and I forgive you for waiting so long because now I get to come hang out without my boys next week. Wahoo!


AshleyS said...

I think she looks so much like your sister! Crazy! And huge congrats to the fam. So are you running the marathon? I hear it's supposed to be record heat in SG this weekend, yuck.

Ashley said...

No. I am not. I signed up thinking I could overcome the two kid battle but I cannot... My kids won. The idea of packing them up again in the car and driving down there, to say nothing of taking care of them after I run and am all sore is repulsive to me. And, if it is really going to be that hot, then that is just another one of MANY reasons why I decided to eat the 85 bucks and skip it.

Heather said...

Congrats to Chelsea and Britten (oh man, I forgot how to spell his name.) She's so sweet!