Thursday, September 9, 2010

The summer in review

Just posted my whole summer. Or the things I can remember anyway, which isn't very reliable because I'm going on nearly six months of sleep deprivation...yeah, my tank child still wakes up at night. Don't get me started. Here are some other bullet points and pictures worth mentioning:

-Two kids is no joke. But I am starting to understand why people have multiple children: Tate and Eli are beginning to be best little wrestling buddies. And now that I am mostly over my anxiety of Eli hurting Tate, I enjoy watching them play so much.

-Tate is not very small. He wears all of Eli's 18 month clothing. The kid weighs 22 pounds. We call him Fluffer Nutter after my Aunt Stephanie's peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwiches. Appropriate, no? So I think he is ready to fend for himself.

-My family, with the exception of pregnant Chel and Britten, came out for one final hurrah before Alex left. We had so much fun-swimming, beach, eating, pool, Angel's game, etc.

I bawled when they left. And I have been a disaster ever since since it JUST NOW occurred to me that I have to send my boys away someday. He left for Brazil last Wed and all of us were pretty much blindsided by how hard it was to say goodbye. But, upon receiving his first email yesterday, I can already feel the blessings that pour when a family has a missionary out.

-Eli started preschool. He loves it. And I have time to work and generally collect myself three days a week. What a little punk.

-Things are good. I can't brag too much about how awesome Adam is doing in school...but he is. He'll technically be done with graduation requirements in about a month. And he is no longer stressed about patients or procedures-- ESPECIALLY since football started last Saturday! Hooray, finally. We look forward to sitting on our couch, eating food like rednecks and literally watching football ALL DAY long. Let the games begin.


Unknown said...

Ashley! I loved reading about your family! Your little boys are so cute. I can't believe how big your brothers are. It seems like yesterday they were so little and now Alex is going on a mission!?!? He is SO TALL by the way, like huge. I know he is standing next you ;) but still...
I am so glad you posted!

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

Yes finally an update! NOW I am ready to have my baby- everything is complete. I mean I didn't even know you had done some of those things, like meet up with Chumlee. Congratulations on a great summer and 2 of the most beautiful boys in the world who I'm so excited to see in one week!

Lauren and Josh said...

CUTE picture of the 4 of you! Sounds like a fun summer!

Heather said...

I'm so glad to see some pictures of my darling nephews! I love those boys--and you and Adam (when he's not bashing Disneyland)--and can't wait to see you this week.

Mandy Radman said...

Seriously, Tate is Massive!!! Your mom and Chels were not lying! And I thought Max was huge... Your boys are so Darling! Love your blog update!