Thursday, September 9, 2010

Almost forgot the two highlights of my summer:

Before we went to Utah for the long long vacation which I am obviously still trying to recover from since it has taken me three months to post about sisters in law made a trip out here so we could go to a friend shower for Ashley and take Audrey and Eli to Disneyland. Eli is finally tall enough to go on a few roller coasters, namely the Matterhorn and whatever that one in ToonTown is called. So we took them. And it was a blast. He was scared and apprehensive. Olivia and I just decided that we were going to make our kids do it because we knew they would love it. And it was so fun. They both loved it. Seriously, aside from the births of my children, it was the most exhilirating moment I have had as a parent thus far-because I knew I would love this part of being a mom. And I felt the same way when we went to Utah and took Eli out on the boat; Adam, Eli and I went on a pretty decently paced tube ride. And at the end, we even pulled him off into the water. Watching his face as he begins to experience some of my own very favorite recreational activities is such a thrill. And it is those two moments that I look back on and remember when I feel, as I often do, like I am drowning as I try and take care of my two kids and everything that follows that.

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Unknown said...

So fun! I know what you mean, its so AWESOME to see your kids experience such joy. Nothing like it. He is ABSOLUTELY adorable Ash.