Monday, March 9, 2009

Favorite Eliisms and their English translations

"Audee, Audee? Woo Woo?" =Where is Audrey? Where is Lucy? Usually asked when I mention the word Disneyland.
"Ah no." = I don't know. Usually the answer to the aforementioned questions.
"Emmo...yeah. Muck...yeah."= I want you to get me some milk and turn on Elmo so that I can watch Elmo for five minutes (and no more) while I drink my milk.
"Hah hoh?"= Can I have a hot dog...for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between?
"Nack...yeah."= I want a snack so that I can feed it Duane.
"Mo mo! Hah!"= Repeated while chasing Duane around the house with his lawn mower.
"Eat. Yeah." = The two words he says perfectly together.
"Hi D."= Hi Duane.
"Ne Nee. Yay!"=Nursery and/or necklace...great when he is talking about nursery, not so great when he means necklace because it usually ends up broken.

Interesting and unrelated sidenote: I joined the grocery game, got myself a Sunday subscription to the LA TIMES and officially started clipping coupons. I am already a fan for the following reasons:
1-I love reading the Sunday paper, so it was a good excuse to get it for the coupons.
2-This chick's list is amazing. She knows about every sale at your personal grocery store and she tells you exactly what to buy and when to get amazing deals.
3-This system is 100% consistent with food storage ideals.
4-I am in a total grocery rut, buying the exact same things every week. This is helping me branch out, try new things, and substitute items for others because they are on sale.
5-I saved thirty seven bucks at the store today!

One drawback: A lot of the coupons are for frozen food items. I don't usually buy this stuff . But, I am willing to try it if for no other reason than to try it.


lauren said...

yay for frugality and intelligence when food shopping. when i become the grocery shopper in my family, i think this will peak my interest.

Heather said...

I love how E says the girls' names. It makes me smile every time i think about it. What a cute little dude.
Good job on the grocery thing. I'm thinking of trying it--it seems to be the in thing right now.

3WimmerBoys said...

I've heard of the grocery game, let me know if it's worth it. I can't believe what a looser I am that I didn't tell you about Jacob's baptism. Would you really have come down? I always hate to impose on people or expect them to take their Saturday for me, but I so would have loved to have you. I'm a looser.

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

I am enjoying a nice little cup of cinna-graham honeycomb, and have every day since you told me about them. I love the Eliisms and can't wait to see you guys!

Elisa said...

Hey Ash! Eli is so cute and I think you need to come see us soon so we can play with him! Also,I read about that grocery lady in our paper here. There are like a million Utah versions of her, but I've heard she is the first and best. Maybe that doesn't really matter, and well maybe I'm gonna stop typing now! Miss you guys!! Oh and Dr. Berry says hi and had the nicest things to say about you and Adam. Just thought you might like to hear that!

Stephanie said...

I tried the grocery game a couple of years back, but I just lost patience with it. I think it is a fabulous idea, but I kept losing coupons or forgetting to take them with me. Love the Eliisms. You are so good to write those down. I should do a better job of that. You are an ispiration that a post does not have to have pictures to be worth posting!

Unknown said...

usually frozen foods are the best way to go. If unthawed properly should taste almost as good as the fresh items. I would also suggest buying fresh veggies and fruit, cutting it up and putting it in a ziploc and storing it in the freezer. That way you can capitalize on seasonal items. Some foods won't freeze however. bananas are one of them.