Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You all know what this is

I have been tagged so I won't bother explaining it; you know the drill. I write six things about myself that you may or may not know, which is essentially what I do on accident every single time I post (this IS, after all, my blog and I am self absorbed like that.) So here we go, six things:

1. I have a half brown left eye. I don't know how or why it is there but it is the one part of my body that I absolutely adore.

2. I don't think I want to have any girls. Wait, let me qualify that: I would be perfectly happy if I had all boys. I am no good at doing the girl thing. My mom and sister are my best friends outside of my home, but I would be terrified of trying to raise a girl...she might turn out like me. If we just have boys the greater likelihood, given the facts of physiology and what not, is that they will turn out more like Adam. I can deal with that.

3. I am not very nice. I can be very sincere, and helpful and give service and all that, but I am not inherently a nice person.

4. Contrary to my family's holdings, I am not a liberal. I like hearing, discussing and examining all sides of political, etc. issues. But I am generally more conservative than I am not. Not always, but most of the time. I really like Mitt Romney and I believe his chances of being elected President are good if he can beat fraudulent Rudy out of the primary nomination. I think his greatest qualifier is that he has conservative ideals and has governed in a liberal climate; he's had to learn how to navigate through idealogical disagreements to unify his constituency. That is the most important thing that the country needs right now. So I'm not typically found voting liberal, but I do believe that education should remain under the control of the government and should not be left to compete in the business world. It needs fixing, but should not be subjected to halfway attempts at sabotage. Either privatize it completely, or make some sweeping financial reforms so that our teachers are not subsisting on minimum wage. So sorry if that makes me a bleeding heart liberal Ben and Ryan and Tom and Michael. I think education is one of the very very few areas where if higher taxes are necessary, its a burden that we should all shoulder because everyone ultimately benefits from quality education that is accessible. So fix it. Don't take money from something that is already barely scraping by. That was a very fragmented rant against referendum 1, defense of my right to listen to all sides of the story and STILL lean conservative, and endorsement of Mitt Romney for president. I'm not exactly sure what I intend that to mean about me. You figure it out.

5. I love to argue for fun. Not for real, only when its all fun and games. The second it turns combative and serious, I want out. But its my favorite sport. Fortunately I can count the number of times on one hand that Adam and I have seriously gotten into it. But we do it all the time for fun. I like that. I didn't know that my marriage would be like that. I always imagined that we would fight all the time-yell and scream and say mean things and then apologize and move on. I'm pretty sure this is better than that.

6. Love college football. Love it. Nothing better than a Saturday at home watching random games all day.

Check out Ben's and Heather's blogs for what I have been doing while in Utah this week, if you care. They have done a really nice job of cataloging this week's events. Pay up both of you. Maybe I'll post a picture or something next week when I get home. I gotta go. E is awake...oh wait, I have like twenty people who want to take care of him so maybe I'll just go read or watch Tucker Carlson or something because I don't really have parental responsibilities while in Utah. But I kinda miss my little monster so maybe I'll go try and snag him for a minute.


AshleyS said...

I don't agree with #3!

I tried to feed your starving husband tonight...but the missionaries ate so much we hardly had anything left. Sorry!

Tomorrow's know what that means! "Break me off a peice of that..."

lauren said...

so greg and i are going to be down in p town tomorrow night for puck's wedding. perhaps you can pencil us in? and how happy does that make me that you enjoyed twilight enough to put it on your book list? love it.

Jen and Lance said...

Ash! I love all you six! I almost forgot how smart you are, until I read all your political opinions. Good old Ash. It was so good to see you and I really didn't want to leave. It's not very often I get to hang out with you. Your boy is so cute and I'm glad you get to spend time with your family. Love ya! -by the way, you are a pretty nice person!

Ashley said...

Applesauce! Grey Poupon, Poison Gas...Fancy feast! Its the cat food. Nailed it.

Susan said...

Remember when you would argue with Matt and your face would get all red?? Those were the days!

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

Ash, you rock

Benjamin J Burr said...

Although Ashley tries to claim she isn't liberal, she showed her true liberal colors here. I don't care where she stands regarding Referendum 1, her actual views and beliefs have nothing to do with whether she is liberal or conservative. Please note the following liberal tendencies manifest in her post:

1. She denied being liberal
2. She complained and ranted about what Referendum 1 is while providing no evidence to back up her claims.
3. She complained and whined, but didn't offer a solution of her own. I am surprised she didn't blame everything on Bush and suggest that a troop withdrawal from Iraq would really solve the problem.
4. She said "tax" and "increase" in the same sentence.
5. She refers to the "government" like Mormons and Catholics refer to the "Church."
6. She claimed at the beginning of the post to like to hear all sides of issues, which is the great humanistic ideal that all liberals invoke before they only present their side of an issue.

Sorry, Ashley, but the reason why the NEA fought so hard against R1 is because it would disrupt the status quo and funnel kids out of the liberal brainwashing machine of our public education system. As a product of the public education system you are proof, that the liberal brainwashing of our education system is pretty effective.

Benjamin J Burr said...

I have to apologize for my husband. Just realize his comment is all in good fun. He really enjoys arguing with you Ash and you should take that as a compliment. -Olivia

megan said...

I agree with Ashley's disagreement on #3! :) Anyhow, we miss you - so have fun but come "home" to the IE soon!

Unknown said...

What do you think about global warming?

A-RED said...

Ashley being the member of our family that i am most often compared to i would just like to say that your political standpoint and refusal to accept other opinions inspires me to be the "contrarian" that i am today.