Monday, November 19, 2007


I don’t know exactly why I am writing about this. Maybe I am just missing the mountains and snow. Actually, that’s a lie. I am trying out a new freelance writing site and this was an article I wrote for it, so here you go.
I am going to bear my testimony about my honeymoon. Eww! Don’t worry. It’s not like that. “You went to Canada on your honeymoon?” you say. Oh yes. Mountains. Snow. Caramel hot chocolate. Bed and Breakfast. Hot tub. Village shopping. Snowboarding. Keep reading to know more about this fabulous freeze out in the winter wonderland we call Whistler, British Columbia.
We hopped on a little grasshopper of an airplane the day after our wedding. We arrived in Vancouver and proceeded to the not so little greyhound bus to wind our way up into the jagged pines. Not quite the Polar Express, but a joyride through a beautiful frozen landscape nonetheless. I will never forget the very first image of the bed and breakfast as we pulled around the half moon drive in the taxi. It was my absolute fantasy house. Surrounded by fluffy fir trees, constructed of beautifully stained mountain wood. It was the most perfectly appropriate mountain abode I had ever encountered. The light was invitingly lit over the porch. We knocked on the door, unsure of how this whole check-in process works. We were immediately greeted by our European hostess. We removed our shoes as we would in anyone’s home this nice. Beautiful open foyer, surrounding windows and a lovely central lobby, which was actually a cozy family room with oversized leather chairs, a giant heat-radiating fireplace, surrounding speakers playing soft classy music and all spotlessly clean. The simple mountain décor inside was the perfect compliment to the endless wonder that astonished us each time we stepped outside.
Alpine Chalet Luxury Inn. We made fun of that redundant name many a time during and since our stay, but not of the meticulous service we found there. Among the many amenities at this heavenly haven were a quaint little eating area which served as a quiet, romantic spot for any of the impeccably delicious meals that were served, a private hot tub and sauna, common fridge in the lobby, ski/snowboard storage room, and absolutely pleasant and completely unintrusive mother and son hosts. Our room was a bedroom, not a hotel room. Our meals were specially prepared, not cooked. Everything felt completely catered to our specific standard. Our hosts were there, ready and willing to provide whatever we needed as wanted and nowhere to be found when we wanted to be alone.
We snowboarded at the vast and inexplicably beautiful Whistler resort, which was a 5 minute ride from our stay. We walked around the frozen lake we overlooked from our room, hiked into the pines above it on the one sunny day and enjoyed the bustling village town in all its eating and shopping glory. Never have I enjoyed the cold so much; never have I relished the sight of my own breath in the air so well. I cannot wait until we can venture back to the exact same place. This is truly a hidden gem, not just your home away from home, but your dream home away from home. And you thought this was going to be a nasty honeymoon story.


Luana said...

Gosh Ashley, I was hoping for a nasty honeymoon story! :-)
You made it sound very romantic. You have a gift for writing. Keep at it.

3WimmerBoys said...

I think you are an awesome writer, I love it! By the way, I am tagging you, go to my blog to read the rules. I have to tag six people so you are one of them!