Monday, November 26, 2007

A grown up Thanksgiving and our rising popularity

This looks like a picture of an older person recovering from a far too large Thanksgiving meal huh? No. It's just Eli. This is his new favorite place to snooze. Man he is large. SO I hosted my very first Thanksgiving...kind of. Does it count if your parents still pay for everything? I still felt like I was kind of an adult for a few days. I don't know why, because I didn't really take care of my baby or dog; my dad stayed with Eli all day long so that I could ride all of the roller coasters my little heart desired, and I sure didn't cook. Mostly, we just ate at my house. And it was a lot of fun. We ordered a takeout banquet from Knots Berry Farm and picked it up on our way out of the park, after a long day of ride hopping and people watching. It was delicious. The next day, we went down to my aunt Stephanie's house and drained her diet coke supply while watching entirely too much awesome football on their ultra high definition huge screen TV. It was great. The weather was everything we Southern Californians talk it up to be. We swam and ate and sat and talked and walked and watched a LOT of sports, which I am generally a fan of. Good times. Happy Thanksgiving. If you just read the aforementioned, I obviously have much to be grateful for. And I am.

We have been pretty popular since obtaining Guitar Hero 3. If you have not made an appointment to come play at our house yet, hurry. The slots are quickly filling up. You might still be able to get in before Christmas. Naturally, Adam loves it. He attributes his triumph over the devil to the pressure creating ambiance of a watchful audience. Yes, he beat Lou. I think it was almost as exciting for him as Eli's birth. Well, that makes my husband sound like a real video game junkie...he's not, but he is pretty freaking skilled at this game which is, I won't lie, occasionally alarming. But at least we have friends because of it! And E is making fast friends with all of the kids that follow their parents over to play, so he claims the social benefits too. Really though, its been so much fun. Come over anytime anyone that is remotely interested in playing, hanging, eating, and whatever. How cute are those kids?


Benjamin J Burr said...

I don't know if you heard the good news yet, but Ben picked Ashley, and Ashley (by proxy) picked Ben for Christmas this year. I just wanted to point out that your blog is currently advertising a vacation to Whistler, and mine is advertising the BYU fight song. Hmm!! Christmas should be good this year.

By the way, I am a huge fan of GH III, but rock band is the shiz. When you guys come up for Christmas we will have to go to B's and rock. Just in case you were wondering Rock Band has songs from Metallica and Bon Jovi, so go ahead and ponder that.

Michelle Tolboe said...

OMG Why did you not tell me you had Guitar Hero III??? And when are you inviting me over to play? Sounds like your Thanksgiving was fabulous. And the game was pretty freaking exciting. So invite me over to play, K? :)

megan said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving! Don't you love family?! And thanks for letting us play GH- it was so fun! And I love the pics of our kids- so cute!! We'll have to make another appointment to play before Christmas! :)

Susan said...

SOunds like a fun Thanksgiving! If it's your house, then I would consider it you hosting. Where did you go for roller coasters??!!

That's funny that Adam is into the video games. Has he always been? I didn't know he even played until you blogged about it! How are things going over there? Are you still working?

I love the picture of E smiling! It's too cute. He's getting huge!

AshleyS said...

So while in Utah Wes talked my mom into buying Guitar Hero for my grandparents...ya, my grandpa loves it now! the funny part? we added a little dance competition into the game so you have to see how well you play while dancing all over...we'll have to invite ourselves over again soon! hahahaha

CHUNTZ said...

I love that Eli looks like a full on old man sleeping on the couch! I alwasy think of you on thanksgiving Ash....its our favorite holiday! Miss you like food on fast Sunday!

Heather said...

Where is E and who is that kid in green sitting on the couch! He looks so grown up.
So, you've found people more fun than Shea and me to hang out with. I'm happy and sad about that. Don't let E forget me!
We missed seeing you on Turkey Day. Christmas is coming though...and Hawaii.
Yes, Adam has always played video games, and he always wins them.

Beeta said...

So cute! I still can't believe he's yours!