Monday, November 23, 2009


Can you believe Eli wore this little "up to 7 lbs" outfit? Abeit, not very long...he weighed about 20 lbs by the time he was six months. But hey, that's fine with me: Come out tiny and get huge quickly. Oh man, I sure hope I get another six pound baby!

Today I am pulling out all of Eli's baby clothes; that boy was well dressed from day one! I am so excited that I get to use all of this darling stuff again. Unfortunately, I am not a laundry wizard like my mom or mother in law yet, and most of the stuff has yellow stains. They aren't bad...but for a newborn baby you just want everything perfectly fresh and perfect you know? I am going through and spot treating all of it and then I am going to wash it in Dreft and Oxyclean. If this doesn't work, does anyone else have any stellar suggestions?


Ali said...

soak them all in oxyclean for 6 hours. the yellow comes out. then wash. excited for boy #2! How fun. weird how little he is (hey! i spelled it right!)

Heidi said...

I almost cried the other day when I got rid of our little baby girl clothes. :( They grow so fast! I'm no good at getting stains out. My kids have to suffer with my poor stain-fighting skills.

Unknown said...

I have no laundry knowledge, but I'm so excited to see this new little boy of yours! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I'm jealous you guys all got to go to Arizona!

Cambrienelson said...

Yes, even when laundered before being stored they always seem to come out of storage with yellow stains.

Excited for #2! somebody(else) for E to boss around!