Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Are you and/or your child(ren) getting the HINI vaccine? If not, why not? I was flabbergasted when I read yesterday that of the thirty something percent of people who said "no" to this question, that 76% thought that it was unsafe...and that reason was only one of like eight different possible responses.

We don't even have access to it yet-except at the public health office, which I have pretty much ruled out since I think there is a greater chance of contracting the swine flu just by going down there than by not. But there has been SUCH an uproar at Adam's school over having the shot mandated; I say it's just an inconvenient part of being a health care professional and people who chose that profession should buck up and take one for the team...I really don't see what the big deal is.

But are any of you who have the option really worried about it?


Britten said...

I didn't have an opinion until I heard about this

Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily against the flu shot- and I realize this is EXTREMELY RARE. But now I think I'd just rather get the flu than risk the shot reactions.

ALSO, I realize that this story is about a seasonal flu shot and not H1N1, but the point is still the same. There may be nothing wrong with the shot they give you, but you have no idea how your body might react.
Sorry this is so long.

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

Sorry that last comment was from me.

Ali said...

We just got it today. All four of us. Scott works with kids on the rez, and I don't want him bringing those little germs home to get our babe sick. I wasn't going to get it, nor were the kids, but my bro is a firefighter and had some freaky stories about calls he's been on, taking H1N1 flu victims in with 107 and 109 degree fevers. It's a dead vaccine, so I figured that we'd be fine. So far, so good. I'll let you know if any adverse side affects hit us. It's only been 8 hours since we got it.

Heidi said...

I never get the annual flu shots, but I did want to get the H1N1 vaccine. It's different, and specifically for that flu. I was more afraid of the needle poking in my arm! But I hardly felt it at all.
Plus...think about all the things people touch on a daily basis. And then think about the amount of times people tough their faces, cough, pick their nose (YUCK!),sneeze, etc. And do you think they are sanitizing their hands every time???
So I vote YES, America! Go get the vaccine if you can! And do us all a favor! ;)

Olivia said...

I am the mean mom that made my kids get the H1N1 and the regular flu shot. I just wanted the peace of mind. We have never had adverse reactions to shots, and we get a flu shot every year, so I just went for it. With Ben working nearly 24/7 and me teaching, we just don't have time to be really sick. Also, I didn't want Lillian to have to fight off the swine flu. So that is why I just went for it.

AshleyS said...

Just got back from getting it, actually. The Redlands Public Health Center was recommended to me by my kid's pediatrician (it's where she took her kids) and it isn't unsanitary and I got there right after they opened and was there for about an hour and a half total. It was the only time I could go and leave the baby home with Wes. Hailey and I both got it. Not a bad experience at all. And I honestly feel a huge sense of relief that all 3 of us have it Colt's chances are slim. The funniest part was the guy who was all but on his knees begging to get it even though he did not fall under any of the qualifying categories, I honestly thought I was going to see tears. By the time he stalked out, the whole waiting room was dying of laughter.

Michelle Tolboe said...

I got mine about a month ago. I had some concerns about it since I am pregs. Since it is a newer vaccine I wasn't sure if it would be completely safe for me and my fetus. After talking to Dr. Berry about it in September he said he was still doing research about it and would let me know if he thought I would need it. Once i went back in Oct he said he felt like if there was ever a time to get a vaccination it was now. I normally never get any flu vacine but trusted him and just got it. Better than DYING! Plus I liked the fact that he did a lot of research about it before he gave me an answer.
It (loosely) reminds me of that morning sickness pill that came out about 30 years ago to help mom's with morning sickness in pregnancy and then there were all these cases of children being born with no arms and legs as a result. Kinda freaky.
So coming from the vaccine freak of america if I did it, it can't be that evil :)

Lauren and Josh said...

As a fellow pregnant lady, I did get the H1N1 shot a week ago and I haven't had any funny side-effects. Since I also work in health care, it was highly recommended that I get it...I'm really glad I did because we've had 2 patients be diagnosed with it since.

3WimmerBoys said...

My kids got the first installment, if that's what you call it, but they need the second one now and my pediatricians office is all out of it now. They told me without both shots, it really isn't very affective. So why did they even do the first if I can't get the second?? I am very annoyed.
BTW CONGRATS on boy #2, I just love boys and there is nothing better than having brothers together. Eli will love it! I just know this little boy will be calm and docile!