Tuesday, September 29, 2009

E's got Potty Power

...mostly. Oh man, this job is far less fun than I thought it would be; and I didn't think it was going to be very fun. I will spare the internet the grosser details and pictures of Eli in "unders", as he so lovingly calls them. But suffice it to say, diapers are way underrated. And I say that even as I am forced to admit it is going surprisingly well.

We had a wonderful time in St. George last week. Adam saw the light of day, Eli got to see Adam, I got to be one of two equal parents, and we all got to see Bryan and Natalie, which was a lovely surprise. We went hiking in Zion's, ate at all of the good restaurants Utah has to offer-Pizza Factory and Bajio being my favorites-and generally mowged (a verb derived from Mowgli of the Jungle Book by one of my siblings...probably Chel?)around all weekend by the pool. Adam's parents did their best, as only they can do, to spoil Eli completely rotten which of course we appreciate tremendously. And now we are both back to working hard: Adam at creating teeth accessories and me potty training Eli. Be jealous; it's a wonderful life!

PS Not shockingly, Eli is an excellent rock climber and hiker.


Unknown said...

Oh how fun! Eli is getting so big. Those pictures are darling. I love the one of you and Eli! Such a cute family. Hope you're feeling good!

Cambrienelson said...

I've watched that potty power video way too many times. Kiera STILL sings the songs, especially the "Wipe your bottom" song in public.
Good luck-- May the potty-training Gods smile on you and your floors.

Ashley_Cameron said...

It would have been fun to see you!! I need a break. I need a get away soon... Looks like you had a great time and I am glad your little family could all be together :)

The Howards said...

ok help me please tried jack will go pee in the toilet but wont go number 2 dont know waht to do so we are back in diapers.

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

You look so cute in that picture-love your hair!