Monday, September 21, 2009

Braggery and a VERY important question

I don't gush about my husband very often. I try to avoid it where I can. However, I feel compelled to give him a shout out at the culmination of this hellish term. Adam has not really seen the light of day for about three months. The one advantage to that is that he has mostly avoided the 100 degree days-a small consolation for giving up so much vitamin D, I would say. He has been spending most of his days (and nights) locked in a dental lab dungeon, slaving away in the name of achieving a perfect denture, crown or whatever for his patients, often to have them slip out of his hands and irreparably crack in the final moments of the process. (I gave him what I thought was stellar advice: Never polish your projects. Doing so always leads to destruction. Eliminate that last step, settle for good rather than "THE BEST" and come home earlier....he chose not to accept, which is why, dear world, you should trust him with the care of your mouth someday: if he doesn't get it exactly perfect the first time, he will start over and make it perfect.)

So, aside from crashing at about 8:30 pm in the middle of all of the shows we have neglected three nights in a row, he still hasn't taken much of a break on his so called break: On Thursday he played with Eli most of the day in between searching for a cheap replacement (ie, bicycle) mode of transportation for his beloved motorcycle...oh, and trying to repair the lens on the camera that I broke; let's just not talk about that. Friday, he spent most of the day attempting to fix my dryer, WHILE letting Eli "help" him. The poor thirty year old warrior lost its ability to dry with heat last week. Adam, once again locked in a hot, dingy environment spent most of the day taking it apart, absolutely convinced that if he could channel enough time and brainpower into it that he could fix it. This attitude typically proves its usefulness. My dryer is not yet fixed, but a replacement part is on its way so we will see. Saturday, he spent most of the day at a dental conference and being disappointed by the devastating BYU/UTAH losses; let's not talk about that either. Sunday, was church-exhausting on any given Sunday. And today, he is spending on the phone trying to recruit vendors to come to the LLU vendor fair. And tomorrow-this might be the most taxing job of all for him-he has committed to go to Disneyland with us! Bless his heart.

We are going to go down to St. George on Wednesday for a few days. So that should be relaxing and fun. But I appreciate Adam so much. He is a tireless rock; or rather, he rocks.

PS Should Eli be Eli Manning or Billy Idol for Halloween?


Lauren and Josh said...

Yes, bless his heart! If you need to wash/dry clothes, you can come up and use ours! I'm serious.

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

Oh no! So E can only do wash and no dry for right now? He must be half as happy! Wow to go for commending and gushing on your man a little- it sounds like he definitely does deserve it! Have fun at D-land. I'm so jealous. Which reminds truly would be ideal if you and I could switch jobs even a few days a month-you email my boss about it!

Christy said...

Who ever said things got easier after boards lied. I thought the Fall term after boards was the worst ever, but it does get better! Good luck with the potty training, that gets better too