Sunday, January 18, 2009

hot hogs

Until about yesterday, Eli employed roughly a 3 word vocabulary: no, more, and Duane.
Now, all of the sudden, he talks. We are having a blast. After months of pleading with him to say "please" and receiving a vehement "no!" in return, he looked at me all triumphant like and yelled "peeease!" I have never been so proud. I taught him that-he learned something I taught him! The last two days have been my finest as a parent. He called a hot dog a "hot hog" today, which makes a surprising amount of sense. I am calling them hot hogs from now on.


Cambrienelson said...

That is great :)
yes... hot hogs does make a bit more sense. I'm sure that is so nice to have him talking a bit...kiera was a slow talker too and then just exploded into talking out of nowhere

Cason and Marie said...

cute!! I am running a half marathon in May here in Laguna and Aliso Viejo, if you want to run it with me. You are probably over half marathons and onto bigger and better marathons. But just thought I'd ask. I'd love it if you did!!

3WimmerBoys said...

I LOVE it when that happens. Isn't it amazing, it's like they just take everything in for awhile and then all of the sudden they get it! Seriously, you just found out you have a Lucille's? I hope you make it there soon!

Susan said...

isn't it funny how kids are actually quite smart? I love the hot hog! Savanna thinks a train says Moo MOoey, I'm still trying to figure out that one.