Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adios amigos

We are out. Congratulations to Adam for finishing his first year of dental school. We are headed down to Nicaragua to practice some of those expensive dental skills. Adam left last night and won't see Eli for 17 days. Sad. It's just that E wouldn't really be all that helpful in a Latin American dental clinic. He is going to have a blast being pampered by his Nana, Chelsea and Grandma. So I am headed to Utah in the morning to drop Eli off and I will join Adam next week. "What are you going to be doing in a dental clinic in Nicaragua, Ashley?" you might be wondering to yourself. That is a good question. To be honest, I don't know. What I do know is that people in Latin America don't care whether you have actual dental training as long you have on a pair of scrubs. They just want you to pull out the tooth that hurts. So I have my scrubs.

I totally failed on the Father's Day front. Adam left last night and I didn't even so much as acknowledge that he rocks. There wasn't enough time in between his 72 hour sleep drought and his departure; he left about 8 hours after his last final, which gave us just enough time to gather all of our crap, pack and get the oil changed. But you all know my husband rocks, that he adores my little buddy, and that he has magical priority balancing powers which enable him to be a top notch student and a far higher than average help dad. If anyone in Nicaragua is reading this, please find my husband, tell him Happy Father's day and give him a nice long kiss for me...nevermind, I'll take care of it when I get there. Peace out.


Michelle Tolboe said...

You're actually going to pull out teeth?? EW! I thought you were just going for moral support. Pick up a souvenior for me but please, no teeth. :)
See you tomorrow at church!

PS don't lie that you are secretly excited to have vaca from kid.

Ashley said...

I won't lie. I am so excited.

Lori & Rj said...

That will be so fun! What an adventure. I am excited for you.

Heather said...

Congratulations ADDY and Ash and E for surviving the first year. I can't believe it. Wow.
And Adam does rock. Happy Father's Day little bro.

Susan said...

Good luck! I remember when you went last year, I thought you would have learned your lesson. lol...jk, I think it's cool what you guys do over there. Anywho, COngrats on the first year done! only a few more to go. Love you guys and be safe!!!

Whitney said...

Ash thats so awesome. I hope you guys have fun down there

Shannon said...

Have fun in Nicuragua! It will be fun because you will be with your Awesome Hubby who is a darling father, you can just tell!!!
It was so fun to see you and E at the Softball game!
I am still Dying about Chelsea! AWWWWW....How totally fun!