Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random troublemaking, some birthday stuff and how I am resigned to the outcome of this election

We did the cake thing several times and it was fun each time. These are some other pictures highlighting how mischievous my son is...thank you everyone for all of the nice gifts you gave him. He likes them...but as you can see, he might just rather play with gas meters, dirt and motorcycles. I try, really I do.

Birthday was fun, Utah rocked. I had my one-week-fill of winter and now I am happy to be back enjoying my unusually warm climate. It was a freaking hundred degrees here on Sunday. Wow, I am not ready for 5 months of that, so hopefully that was a freak accident. I went snowboarding with my brother Alex while in Utah and it was one of the greatest snow days of my life. Epic, it was. Truly magnificent. There was no one there; and even on the most dreadfully easy, green circle runs lay a thick layer of gorgeous, fresh, spring powder. It was amazing. It was nice to spend a whole day with my little protege bro. I saw all of my friends, hung out with the fam and relaxed as everyone else took over my role as parent. But we missed Adam and Duane and are very glad to be home.

So, I realized after doing a little recreational political debating while enjoying dinner with my friends what my new position on the election is: resignation. I know, I know that's terrible. But wanna know what? It's a democratic year. It just is. I believe that if Hillary continues to ride the attack train, she is going to sink herself and possibly even lose Pennsylvania. But even if she doesn't, she has already so poorly mismanaged her campaign that I do not see how it is possible America could elect her given her platform of managerial experience. Is she serious? She has people, including her platonic, political alliance (I mean beloved husband and eternal companion)dropping damning comments left and right; Bill is about the only one she has not fired yet. So either she hired the wrong people, which makes her a bad overseer, or she fired them prematurely which makes her a bad manager. I don't want her running this country for many reasons-mostly because I don't want her vengeful vendetta against good health care to put my husband out of a job, but also because I want someone who has a little bit of integrity, and doesn't want to pull the troops out of Iraq so that they can focus on fighting the "real war" (global warming...all right, so Obama might do that too.) Yeah, I still say I am moving to Singapore if Hillary Clinton wins.

So, since I am going to do everything in my power, which is, I admit, limited, to will her to lose the election and live a life of ignominious peril, that leaves one option if it is in fact a democratic year: Barack Hussein Obama. A forty six year old basketball playing, Hollywood pandering, Iraq abhorring, tax hiking, pro-choice, rock star that political ignorants just can't get enough of. Well, he is better than the Clintons I suppose. And I'm no fan of 9 billion year old McCain either, (who won't win against Obama anyway-which reminds me, I really hope McCain does not choose Romney as his running mate and tarnish his future chances) so that therefore leaves me in a state of Obama resignation. I won't vote for him. I will probably vote for me or something, but I am pretty resigned to the fact that he will be our next president. It's a great way to figure out what he's really like, for all of those who are nervous huh? Oh, don't worry. We'll know soon enough.

To sum up: 1-It's a democratic year because the Republicans have been labeled as big enough screwballs in the media, and Obama has been made a big enough star in the media. 2- Hillary can't win. She won't. She is not cool enough, pretty enough. honest enough or good enough at what she claims she is good at-experiencing? Yeah. Tell me about it. So Obama wins. Basically, he is just better looking than the other two. It could be worse. At least the young folk like him, and look how well we are all doing, huh?... Maybe I will move to Singapore under any circumstance. It's nice there, no litter.


Michelle Tolboe said...

Effing Hillary better not win or else I'm going north to Canada. And that goes for Effing McCain, too.
Have you heard that Mayor Bloomberg is being considered for the dem VP?? Interesting.
We all must give in to the Obamanator. Oh, sorry, The Oprah-Loving Obamanator, that is.

lauren said...

i sincerely hope you're right about hillary... because to be honest, i may go down in history as a president assassinator (via poisonous blow darts)
if she does. i won't lie, obama scares me because of his inexperience and many of his stances, but i firmly believe that mccain doesn't have a shot in hell of winning. i have never felt this much trepidation concerning the political sphere. heaven help us all.

Alisa said...

Hello it was so good to see you and you should complain about 100 degree weather for heavens sakes I think it was snowing this morning Love you and Eli could not be cuter.....

Heather said...

Let's just hope the Second Coming comes before January when the new pres. takes office. Right?
It was fun to have you and E here. We love you! 15 days to Disneyland!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

First of all IHOP is a delicious place for pancakes. And did you know they put a little bit of batter in their omelets to make them fluffier?

Second, don't resist it any longer, sing it with me now "Cuz I got a crush on Obama...I just can't wait for 2008..."