Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A conversational synopsis of midterm week

I wouldn't try to add to Lisa Hachee's post on the hellish nature of midterms; she did a beautiful job of encapsulating precisely why this week can wreak havoc on dental school families. But I thought I would just add a few of the comments that have been uttered in my house so that you can fully acquaint yourself with the tone which accompanies such said events:

Adam, playing with Eli's pretend phone: "Hello? hello, is this the Indians? Hi, are you coming to get Eli? Ok, great we will see you soon and give you a lump sum to take him away."

"Duane! Shut...........up!" Both of us have been found saying that.

And then my very favorite:

Adam: "Do you kind of understand why some animals eat their young?"
Me: "Yes."
Adam: Pause..."I mean, the mama is starving because she doesn't have time to hunt for food because she is taking care of her crying child all day long, she thinks she sucks at being a mom anyway and that the baby is unhappy. So it's just the natural, efficient outcome of a problem. Seriously."
Me: "Yes."

PS We don't hate Eli


Lisa said...

Gosh I don't know what you mean. I have never once asked my husband if the circus was in town and if they might need two extras. Or perhaps if the gypsies might be willing to make an offer on our two little cherubs.

And what do you mean, you don't wake up everyday with the full confidence you are the perfect mother, you make all of the right choices, and it was a brilliant idea to quit your job and stay home with these monkeys, err I mean blessings.

Could you get me the number of those Indians?(And I think they prefer Native Americans, or were the people Adam in mind from India? In which case I have their number, I will just call Dell.)

Ashley said...

Lisa, I can't believe you waited this long to start a blog.

CHUNTZ said...

Oh how I love the classic Burr Blog posts! California here I come!

AshleyS said...

your friend lisa's comment is hilarious. glad i heard this convo from you on the phone before you posted it, otherwise i would have run over there and taken eli from you. joking...we had a week like that last week, and it wasn't even a testing week! at least you have an excuse.

Megan said...

So I'm totally excited to hear from you girly! I was just thinkin about you the other day as well! Glad to see how awesome you're doing, so proud you're a writer! That's awesome. Oh, and I'm glad you didn't eat your son? :)

Jen and Lance said...

I would love to b a fly on the wall and listen to your conversations.