Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Various self indulgences...ok fine, addictions

I'm stealing this idea from Megan who stole it from someone else, so its cool because its not copyrighted. Right. Mostly, I just recently read about her little addictive habits. I took some serious sadistic pleasure in reading about someone else's self proclaimed folly. Don't we all? Isn't that inherent in our very natures to know that our peers have faults? Well, this is not really meant to be all that philosophical but here are some of my nasty little habits:

Diet drinks: preferrably those with caffeine, although that's not necessarily the appeal that ultimately gets me. I really try, and most often with some measure of success, to avoid getting withdrawl headaches; if I have a Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper every two or three days then I don't get a massive pain in my brain. But there is something about "going to get a drink" that is so therapeutic to me. That makes me sound like a raging alcoholic, I realize-and make no mistake, if I were ever to take a sip of alcohol, I guarantee I would be a whole lot more addicted to getting drinks than I am now.

My dog: Oh Duane. Duane was the first step that Adam and I took toward expanding ourselves. We had no idea what we were doing. We just thought he was cute. And he was. He was so freaking cute. He still is and he still makes me laugh hysterically when he gets stuck trying to come in the sliding door because he refuses to drop his bone. Will he always be a puppy? I will probably always call him that so, perhaps. We were so whooped over that dog in the early days. And though Eli has stolen the show to some degree, Duane has turned me into a ridiculous dog person, a syndrome from which I will never willingly fully recover.

The news: I can have MSNBC or FOX news on all day long and still self righteously pretend like "I never watch TV." Right. I love political commentary. I eat it up. I watch political analysts rant and rave about this and that; like a little girl dreaming of being famous like Britney Spears (Heaven help us... and please don't send me any girls to mother) and walking down the red carpet,(or possibly getting in hit-and-run accidents) I dream of being on the Chris Matthews show and smashing my opponent's argument with eloquent ease. And looking really hot while doing it too. Mitt Giuliani for president. NO, I'm not stupid. You have to be a Stephen Colbert fan to get it.

Candy: I convinced myself while I was pregnant that I should eat what I craved because that is certainly what my body and baby needed like, fruit flavored candy like skittles and sour grapefruits. I have not, as yet, come up with a clever enough rationalization for why I still NEED sweet chewy stuff that rots my teeth on a regular basis; on the contrary, each day that my husband completes in dental school is an argument against it-or maybe not...hmmm, if I am married to a dentist, he can fix my teeth if I ruin them by eating too much candy. Problem solved. Addiction no longer a factor.

Blogging: Its getting worse every day folks. I justify this endeavor by calling it family history. I guess.

I don't necessarily think all addictions are bad. Most of mine are, but maybe you, dear reader, have yours under control. I am a full on slave to mine. And I don't even want to change. I like them. I kind of feel bad about that, but obviously not bad enough. Sorry...but you know that's hollow right?


kenna said...

You make me laugh. I always go to "get a drink" and then I only take 3 sips of it because I feel guilty that I went and got a drink...

You should be the one writing a book.


Michelle Tolboe said...

Hey ASH!
So i know you so graciously texted me your new phone number, and guess what? I so graciously erased the text with your phone number on it! How wonderful of me, huh? Also, you can tell by my blog that I haven't been on yet...I'm just waiting to reaveal it! I need to have a launch party. You're long as you bring that fried ice cream. Also, I forgot to officially welcome you to the 909....I figured you would catch on. It's WT and it's what we like to call little mexico. So bienvenido!

Marcus Brittanie, and Indie said...

I did it! I finally updated my blog! You can consider me your friend again! Your family pictures are so cute, and you look awesome by the way! How are you guys doing?

lauren said...

Oh Ash, how I miss you (and your vices...Diet Cherry Vanilla DP anyone???) sigh. I am happy that this whole blog thing still exposes me to your opinions, to your wit and to your hilarity. God bless the blog!

Susan said...

Oh ashley, How i love you and your addictions, because now you make me feel normal. If you're addicted then that makes it ok for me to be addicted, except that I don't like diet drinks. If I'm going to have a drink it might as well just be straight up (hahaha...).

I like that your blog is an addiction, because it's mine as well. Sometimes I feel like blogging, but I feel like I have nothing to say, but I'll keep posting because I know that you read it, and I love reading yours cause you make me laugh!

megan said...

I love your addictions! It's fun to see your personality! Thanks for sharing!

Emilie said...

I LOVE YOU! I am so happy that you "stopped by" and said hello, and I am esp. happy to keep in touch this way. Your baby is a doll, and you make me laugh--we are very much alike, Candy and MSNBC/FOXNEWS are two of my most major addictions. Glad you are doing so well.