Friday, October 12, 2007

Is it appropriate to dedicate your car to a dead person?

As if anyone needed further confirmation of my WT nature, I love the .99 cent store. Love it. So not only do I now live in the 909 area code, which I recently learned is notorious for being WT, but I am guilty of shopping at the most 909 place within the 909 boundaries. SO, yesterday I am soaking up all of the random treasures I find there like boxes of brown sugar Mini Spooners and Grape Nuts cereal bars and baby food spoons and just having a great time being WT with all of my fellow 909ers. I walk outside and see a brand new pimped out Lexus with tinted windows, wheels and the works. It was a beautiful car. And then my eyes moved upward to the back window: in big unmistakably WT, white, scrolly lettering were the words "In loving memory of some foreign person with like four or five names-1984-2005." Now I know its kosher to dedicate things such as a performance, or a fundraiser race, or things that aren't quite so depreciatory in value from year to year as a car to the dead. But a car? Is that really appropriate to dedicate a vehicle to the memory of a loved one? What good is you driving that car around your white trash town going to do for the legacy of the person whose name it bears? I have seen this twice now so I hope its not some awful trend that I am going to have to succumb to if I want to continue shopping at the .99 cent store with my fellow 909ers. I mean, even I have my WT limits.

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Heather said...

Too funny. The Lexus was probably the result of a cashed-in life insurance policy, thus, the dedication. You gotta give credit where credit is due. Right? :)