Friday, May 18, 2012

We heart Colorado

Everything we love is here: mountains, sunshine, clear blue skies, dry air, good Diet Coke, parks, hiking and running and trails and--probably most importantly--lots of people who are also raising families and therefore do not hate us simply because we have children. (I realize given the subject of my most recent post, that might seem strange...) So here are some pictures of a few of our favorite things: Park + sand - ocean= better than the beach:
My souvenir from hiking the Incline,
an old cog railroad track that goes 2000 feet up a mountain in 3/4 of a mile. I swear you can see to Kansas at the top. So pretty that it was worth even the torn ligaments I sustained in a fall on the way down.
Some more pictures from the boys' dream days in Boulder working the tractors for Grandpa...does your Grandpa work in the woods???
I really hope we stay here. Being back near the Rocky Mountains makes me realize I never want to live anywhere else but somewhere near them. I have enjoyed, for various reasons, all of the different places we have lived. But there is no place like home, said Dorothy wisely, and it is a simple, true truth to which I wholeheartedly subscribe.

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Andy & Jen said...

Ash I am so glad you are loving CO! What an awesome place! I sure wish I could go on a run with you there : )