Monday, November 22, 2010


-Just took the boys to get pictures taken. They turned out all right. I will not go back to JCPenney though, and granted, they probably don't want us back either: They were an HOUR behind schedule and I used a coupon and only bought two pictures. And Eli broke a decoration--seriously, that is what they get for being behind... who puts breakable Christmas decor right outside the portrait studio??? Get a clue. I told them I knew that was what would happen if I was there for more than 20 minutes; so that is what they get for making me sit there and try and keep my kids happy and cute and clean for a flipping hour.
-Our external hard drive and both computers pretty much all croaked at the same time. The laptop still functions. 800 bucks to recover all of our pictures. Fortunatley I have most of them uploaded to Costco and printed out in books. And we can limp along with one special computer until Adam graduates. Oh and our car needed a bunch of work too. Microwave is dying a slow death... Good timing right?
-I have become obsessed with Yoga. I joined the Yoga Room gym as my Christmas present (early) from my mom and Adam. I love it. I am a late convert. I used to go in high school and get so irritated when I didn't sweat or raise my heartrate and then the instructor wanted me to lay there for like ten minutes and relax! But now I think my kids just thoroughly stress me out enough that I like someone to force me to just chill out for a few minutes. That, and this place is awesome. My original objection to yoga-that it is not a sufficient workout-is addressed here; I sweat from my freaking eyebrows and toes.
-Adam has been a total champ in school and work and everything; we are both working-he is editing dental boards study cards and I am editing a health blog. We actually both bring in money each month! Not very much. But it feels really good to be taking baby steps toward self sufficiency.
-Tate is all over the place. He is crawling and climbing everywhere. I think it is a self preservation skill. He is Eli's little brother after all. He is sleeping better, mostly through the night until 5 or so. And he is as sweet and smiley as can be. He has one tooth, is still ginormous and is skeptical of Eli each time he would be too if you were regularly sat upon, covered and wrapped up in a blanket or knocked off a chair onto a hard tile floor. Most of my day is spent isolating and occupying the two of them in separate sections of the house so that Tate doesn't sustain any permanent damage.
-Eli is loving school. We have embarked on a new star/reward system which combined with the structure he is receiving in school has done wonders to help him, uh, behave. Thank heaven for the dollar spot at Target...4 gold stars=a new Target toy. He loves Tate and never intends to be mean; he looks eternally forward to the time when I get after Tate for climbing into the dishwasher or the fireplace.
-Last weekend we went to St. George to get away for a few days. Adam's parents came down and played with the boys and it was so so nice. We actually went out to a movie and running by ourselves. And we played in Snow Canyon and what not. I remarked while we were there how grateful I was that while God was creating that beautiful place with all of it's jagged up and down rocks, that he slipped in a few flat parts that are perfect for kids to crawl and climb on. I love that place.

What else...Homeowner's association stuff, kids and work mostly. Adam takes boards in December and March. Graduates in May!! I scoured my house today, and I am now sitting in front of my fireplace (since it is 65 degrees outside and I am now a California cold weenie) in my comfies while I sip on a DDP, listen to Christmas music and enjoy the otherwise quiet hour or so that both of my kids are asleep; at the moment, the world is right.


lauren said...

so glad you got a nice weekend to relax. and i hear you about the yoga. i just need to do it more.

Cason and Marie said...

My question to you is how the heck to you clean your whole house before 3 pm? I can't even do it with one child who is still small! Love the picture of Tate with his naked bum kissing himself in the mirror. haha. Cute!

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

I am embarrassed to say today was the first time since Leila was born that I really scrubbed every inch of my tiny apartment- it is a good feeling. The boys look so adorable in those pictures I'm going to have to say it was worth the hour wait!

AshleyS said...

Cute post, Ash! So nice to read an update on you guys. I'm so glad you are loving yoga, and I still think it's just crazy that you saw my MIL twice in SG. Cute pictures of the boys! Love you!

Jen and Lance said...

Ash! You always crack me up with your talented writing. Your kids are so handsome! Their pictures turned out cute, even if it was a mess before hand. Hope things are good.. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ali said...

Wow I"m impressed that Eli still naps. Lucky. Your boys are darling and don't look much alike at all. I can't believe Eli is old enough to talk let alone go to school! It's so crazy. I'm excited for you for graduation... sorry about the wait. I really hope you told them it was their fault.

Heidi said...

Such handsome boys! My heart sank for you when you mentioned your computers crashing. But I'm glad you've been able to recover your photos! Miss you!