Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bringing home the bacon...or some form of ultra cheap pork product

I still can't believe that I got a kid that looks like me. They really don't look alike at all.

Anyway...about three days before Tate was born, I got a job offer to write some articles for a weight loss website. Perfect timing right? Literally, I haven't worked for over a year. I pretty much stopped for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2008, then decided to apply to law school over the next four months, and then I got pregnant and sick and almost widowed while my husband relocated to the dental lab; so somehow I never really got back into applying for any writing jobs for like fourteen months. And then out of nowhere, I received an email to write for this website while I was not-so-patiently awaiting my son's arrival.

Aside from the timing though, this little part time job has been so nice. I have been working about two hours a day, which is absolutely ideal. I hope this one lasts for a little while; I feel like I have such a complete sense of balance, which I don't get any other way, when I do something I like and get paid for it. Not only that, but working also forces me to get more done earlier and more efficiently since I know I have to spend the kids' (whoa, I have kids ) nap time working. Anyway, I love it. And I am glad for the opportunity, even if it is short-lived like the other miscellaneous projects I have done since becoming a mom.

Oh, and get this: Adam (in all his spare time...ha!) is working a little bit too! He has been editing study cards for the dental board examination. Honestly, sometimes I don't comprehend how he manages to do all the things he does. But it's kind of cute, really; we put the kids to bed and sit down every night around 8pm to work for an hour. So between the two of us, we are like ALMOST holding down one part time job!!! We are moving closer and closer to being fully functioning members of society!

In other news, here are some pictures of my not so very little little man. You may be wondering if I am feeding him butter....it would certainly appear that way. Either that, or someone is injecting it right into his cheeks.


Unknown said...

Congrats on your job! That's awesome! Tate and E are so dang cute. How fun that you and Adam both have a little mini me. Love you guys.

P.S. I think you should keep the butter injections going. I want to squeeze those little cheeks. :)

Michelle Tolboe said...

Wow his cheeks are priceless. I remember that is how Eli was. You have got some creamy breastmilk! And thanks for all the cute pics, i have been waiting to see more of him. He's adorable.
Sweet set up on the job! I'm happy you get to do what you love and what you are REALLY good at!

ps when is your next trip up narth? :)

Katie E said...

Butter? Cream from the breast? What's the difference? I love chubby babies. They are the cutest! And you'll have to let me know where I can find your articles. Sounds like a great gig.

Ashley_Cameron said...

This is Cameron, again i don't know how to make it so it says my name when I leave comments, but if I could work part time and still be alive, I would kill for that. I work 70 hours a week and we still just get by. Oh well, Tate looks like a little stud and so does E with his shirt off. Ummmm..... is your name Grandpa?!!! is the absolute funniets thing I have ever heard

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

Thanks for the update in pictures. It's become ultra natural to see E sporting his unders. Tater bug looks like a plump little tater tot, one you just want to eat right up!

Heather said...

So some of the pictures of Taterbug remind me of Charlotte, and some look so different! It's the cheeks and round face that's throwing me off. I just need to snuggle him in person to really know.