Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Potty Power no more

We have a domestic disaster on our hands. And I am not talking about health care. I am talking about Eli's complete abandonment of his potty powers. Does anyone else have a child who regularly poops at least two times, sometimes three, a day? Ok, that's annoying enough even when he is doing it in the toilet; when he decides to completely revert back to pooping in his underwear...I won't even say it lest I offend you or encourage you to call CPS. I did not realize how integral me arranging my entire day around Eli's bathroom schedule contributed to him being "potty trained" until we went to Utah for two weeks-which was wonderful- and I allowed other people to worry about it. I am so completely frustrated and sad that all of the hard work we both did for 3 months has been obliterated. HELP.

And here are our Christmas pictures. We didn't take very many. I feel sort of bad about it but I am not in a particularly picture happy mood at almost seven months pregnant. We had such a good time. We spent two days in St. George hiking and hanging with Ben, Olivia and kids. And then a week at each of our parents' houses which was wonderful. Adam's brother got his mission call to Argentina so we went through the temple with him and that was really nice to be there for that. I miss the snow and all of the people I love in Utah, but I must say I am glad to be back home. Happy new year...I will just say at this point that I hope 2010 gets better than it has started out.


Susan said...

Savanna had some issues with peeing her pants after already being potty trained for so long. zit's hard to keep up with their potty schedule especially when you are pregnant. I feel for you!

If it helps, just put on a pull up diaper when you go out, so you don't have to worry about messes and accidents. Whenever you have to go to the bathroom which is probably quite frequent at this point) Take him and tell him it's poopoo magic. It works for Savanna. Sometimes they just get so worked up that they forget to go.

Good luck! Vacations are great, but coming home is really nice :)

Michelle Tolboe said...

Holy crap! I am liternally on my way to the library to check out "potty power" to get Cade out of diapers. This is NOT good news!

Maybe it's just a phase and once your back to your new routine he'll regain the power of not pooping in his unders. (EW!)

Christy said...

Potty training in the pits! All I can say is good luck!