Sunday, October 25, 2009

We've reconciled

WARNING: There is a hilarious picture which exaggerates the point of this post at the end; do not scroll down if you are offended by a woman in a bra and underwear.

Anyway, some of you may remember that I was rather upset about this discovery early last year. Finding out that my, obviously, favorite mirror in the house was a skinny mirror was irritating. Being the kind of girl that I am, one who has no tolerance for sugar coating or distorted realities, I generally don't find any satisfaction in seeing an image of myself which is not real: When I ask my husband, or anyone for that matter, if my outfit makes me look fat, I genuinely want to know the truth--why would I want to wear something out in public that doesn't look good on me? So naturally, I felt betrayed by my skinny mirror when I found out.

No more. We are friends once again. It turns out that the awkward image of a midway through pregnancy me makes the fictitious version of myself too compelling to resist. I know, I know. It's not true; I don't look like what the skinny mirror says I do. But it looks so much better than the real version that I have just decided to go to the dark, fake, skinnier side.

So, at least for now, until I reach the "cute" point of pregnancy-you know, that very narrow window of time where your stomach is just big and round enough as to make every other part of your body appear proportionally smaller and cuter--I will take comfort in a lie. Actually, let's be honest, that stage is fleeting as your body gives way to incredible hugeness, swelling and misery; so it could be an incredibly long time before I am prepared to face the real me again. Cheers to the skinny mirror! Ha ha ha...I hope it's not this bad...


Unknown said...

Haha that picture is hilarious! And Ash I'm sure you look great! I can't wait to find out what you're having! I vote for a little girl that looks like you since Adam already has his mini me, but I'm guessing maybe you guys are hoping for another boy? So exciting!

3WimmerBoys said...

That's great Ash, I did love your post about your skinny mirror. I had one of those, oh to still be ignorant. I agree, when I ask Brett if something makes me look fat I really DO want the truth.
By the way, when is the ultrasound?