Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pants story part 2: How I know my husband loves me

You may be reading the title of my post and wondering to yourself, "Hmm, I don't remember reading a "Pants story part 1" on this blog." Don't worry, you are right. It has not been written yet. I am recounting in reverse order because a recent hilarious incident reminded me of an older hilarious incident; and I believe they both deserve to be shared with the internet.

So any of you who know Adam very well understand that he does not have a great relationship with pants. Or any article of clothing for that matter. Adam probably would have preferred it if that first Adam (of Adam and Eve) had never discovered his nakedness. So being a dentist works for Adam because scrubs are typically rather thin articles of clothing and require no additional layering, which is a serious issue for him. If you spend much time with Adam, you know that his outfit, about 90% of the time, consists of the thinnest material T-shirt, thinnest material shorts and flip flops. And you can guess what he does NOT sleep in.

So imagine my great surprise when Adam woke up one morning wearing a plaid pair of pajama pants. In fact, I distinctly remember being shocked in my sleep when I went to put my cold feet on his usually warm legs and there was fabric there! Of course, I was asleep so I didn't question him then, but we both kind of looked at each other like, "huh?" as soon as he went to get out of bed. Then he began to understand as he vaguely recounted the dream he had had.

For some reason unknown to either of us, Adam found himself without pants and in the presence of people of the opposite gender in his dream. So, bless his heart, he sleepwalked to his closet, got out a pair of pajama pants, made the ultimate sacrifice by putting them on, and went back to bed. That is true love. He put those pants on for me folks. He must truly adore me.

Incidentally, it is the annual no pants day this Friday. Oh, if only. Stay tuned for the pants story part 1.


Lindsay said...

next on the academic agenda is med school. He is now working on that! I am just puttn' away on my school work. I will be done for the semester on wed. ugh

lauren said...

that is funny. real funny. can't wait for part one.

Michelle Tolboe said...

Ha ha Adam you dork. Seriously what is it with men and pants. Joe puts holes in the crotch and knees like crazy. I always wonder if he walks around on his knees and dry humps things. Why else would it get worn out so fast? He says pants are too "constricting".

Ashley said...

Thanks Michelle...gross. TMI.

But yes, you should have seen Adam when he tried on a pair of Seven Jeans his mom bought him. Holy cow, I thought the world was going to end and he was positive that he was never going to be able to produce another child after having those pants on for five minutes.

Beeta said...

That is hilarious! Please post part 1 soon cause I can't imagine what it might be. Thanks for your comment. You keep me giggling.

3WimmerBoys said...

That is hilarious! I love it. My husband is also not fond of pants, I always think it's funny when my mom is here because he wears pajama pants around the house at night. So unlike him! That was a good story.
Now, for the Law School thing, I have a few questions-If it's a four year program how will you finish once Adam is finished with Dental School? Doesn't he only have two years left? Will you practice law or do you just want the degree? It's a toughie.

Stephanie said...

That is a truly great story! Glad you shared it.