Monday, February 11, 2008

Do I really look like I am 14?

Warning: This post may inadvertently endorse certain forms of plastic surgery. The author is not responsible for any implications the reader may or may not glean from the contents herein.

So this has happened to me three times since December. Last week, I pulled up into the grocery store with Eli, got out and started walking inside with kid on hip when I was abruptly stopped and interrogated about my age by someone I didn't know. Granted, she was obviously a homeless raving lunatic, but the following conversation ensued:
Crazy lady: Oh my gosh! Is that your baby?
Puzzled me: Um, yes.
Crazy lady: How old are you honey?
More puzzled me: 24
Getting crazier lady: Oh, dear Lord! I thought that was your mother's car that you had taken and you were just carting someone's baby around! You look like you are about 14 sweet thing!
Taken totally aback me: Oh, er thanks...I'll take that as a compliment?

I finally had to walk away as she was still muttering about how I looked like a teenager with a baby-which actually wouldn't be all that uncommon here. The bulk of new moms I see at Babies R Us are not a day older than 16, walking around all smiley like with their terrified 16 year old pot smoking boyfriends in tow. It's sad.

Anyway, it also happened in Hawaii a few times. We got on a boat where alcohol was served and I was asked several times if I was 21. Yes. Really? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. I didn't think about it until after the fact, but I suppose it makes sense that these encounters have all occurred in the time since I have quit nursing. Coincidence? Maybe. But does my since deflated chest really make me look like a teenage mom? Apparently.

We had Adam's parents here this weekend for LLU "parent teacher conference"...that's what it felt like. It was really fun though. They got to come tour the school, watch Adam dedicate his dental education to serving in Christlike capacities, and play with Eli a lot. We went down to Newport Beach, soaked in the sun and ate a lot of delectable treats. It's always fun to have visitors, and you dear reader, are invited anytime to come play. Chels comes on Friday and we can't wait.


Susan said...

Ha ha! weirdo. I don't think you look 14, if anything looking younger will benefit you when you're older, but of course everyone says that. Weirdo! but honestly I get that too when I'm with my mom, they can't believe that Savanna is mine. they always think she's my moms daughter. And then what's worse is that they think I had the baby out of wedlock since my husband's not around.

Michelle Tolboe said...

That's so hilarious. Was it the Stater Brothers in Loma Linda?? Homeless people come up to me all the time there!
They always ask me for money and I just say, "No, I don't want to." It catches them off guard and they just awkwardly walk away. Try it sometime.

Heather said...

I'm telling you, your chest is not your own after children. Deflated ones just bounce less when you run. I guess it's a bonus.
It looks like a great weekend! I feel like I haven't seen my parents in a while, and Eli is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen! Oh my goodness, I want to squish him! I love that kid--and you guys too. I'll work on teaching my mom about her pictures, again. We've taught her only about 4 times how to do it. Ask Matt or Marc, or I'll just do it next time I'm over. You'll have better luck that way.

Emilie said...

I LOVE YOU- seriously, I find myself literally laughing out loud as I read your blog. No, you do not look 14, but when my child stops nursing (be warned that at the rate she is going that may not be until she is 6) I will keep you posted if I get such remarks coming my way.

Susan said...

So I guess I commented before you finished your post. You are so right about the Baby's R us moms. They're the same down here too. Ours caters to pretty much all of South Florida, so it's fun to see the moms in there. I love the picture of Adam in class by the way with all those dental chairs (if that's what they are). Too cute.

kenna said...

Damn 16 year old mothers and pot smoking boyfriends.

joshua said...

This is one of the very best LOVE and LIFE blogs I've ever visited!