Sunday, December 16, 2007

Idiocy and Incompetence part two

It goes on. I went to my first HOA meeting for my association last week to make sure that all of the damages done to my house due to their negligence would be covered. Turns out that flat roofs tend to pool water, create holes, break through the ceiling and frequently cause collateral damage throughout the house. Imagine that. So we are not the only ones in the Orange Tree Villas who have experienced the wrath that mother nature naturally wreaks on flat surfaces that are supposed to magically rid themselves of water. As a side note, we are, however, the first to pick the oranges off of the orange trees that grow at the Orange Tree Villas. Amidst all of the bad news presented at the meeting, the flustered president asked if anyone had any good news to report. Adam raised his hand confidently to comment on the tastiness of the newly orange oranges, but recoiled when he received the look of death from nearly all of the nearly dead 90 year olds in the room. Anyway, they are really good. We'll bring all you Utahns some next week.
So, after that, Adam explained that we tried to contact them for four months to fix the hole in the roof and they politely ignored it by telling us they were still reviewing the problem. It was a pretty cut and dry their-fault deal. So they sent someone out to replace our whole roof (the aforementioned flat part that for some odd reason does not rid itself of water) on Thursday and Friday and we are getting an estimate to fix everything else-walls, ceilings, floors, etc.-tomorrow. Good deal, case closed, end of story....but wait. Funny thing is, while they were fixing the roof, the workers were sweeping gravel off the top of it-AND INTO OUR FREAKING DUCTS. So guess what doesn't work now? Our brand new furnace that we just barely replaced in August? Good job. So what have we learned here:1-Flat roofs not good for allowing water to run off; create holes and water damage. Expensive and pain in the butt to fix. 2-sweeping rocks, debris and gravel into your ducts is not good for your brand new furnace that was also a pain in the butt and expensive to fix.

SO needless to say, we all huddle around the fireplace and hope that E wakes up in the only gets down to like 55 in our house, but still. When you have a baby, you'd prefer not to be without heat in the winter. Fortunately, we live in California and it's not terribly cold but honestly. This is a joke. I mean, it's not, all of the above is true, I assure you, but I just keep thinking that the next person who is responsible for fixing something on my house is going to be smart enough to not cause major damage to another perfectly working part of the house. So far, I have been less than impressed. To recap: Oranges-orange; Roof-Fixed; Furnace-broken. Maybe next time the idiot who is supposedly supposed to fix something will at least let me choose what he is going to destroy in the process. I would choose my countertops. At least those are old and gross and need to be replaced anyway. I mean, let's at least start being efficient about it.
PS- I am an idiot too. I accidentally enabled comment moderation and thought that no one was commenting on Adam's debut post. I couldn't figure it out. I thought I was the only one with a sense of humor for a minute.
Double PS-If you were wondering (Michelle) from where the inspiration came for Adam's little blogdor charicature, its a StrongBad cartoon. His name is actually Trogdor and it's hilarious if you've never seen it. Go here:


Cambrienelson said...

I love homestarrunner!

HMMMM, free oranges hu? forget the one's from Stater Bros.!

I STILL am jelous that you guys own. Count your blessings-- even if your blessings have wholes in them.

Susan said...

THat sucks. Have fun in Utah!!! WE love you guys... Merry Christmas and Happy New YEar!!!

lauren said...

um... so i better see you this time when you come here mmk?

megan said...

So sorry!! I hope that they fix everything up...sooner than later!!

snlbarney said...

I laugh when I think of the conversation at the HOA when Adam commented on the great oranges! I can see the faces of the elderly in my mind as they responded - classic! You guys can bring youth and spice to that community:)

Drive safe to Utah, and ENJOY Hawaii!! I am printing off a Fun Facts sheet for you for Oahu now... I will bring it tomorrow with your cocoa. Have a great Holiday with Eli!!