Monday, September 24, 2007

Premier week

This is the week of premiers. Adam makes his premier at dental school today-and he looks pretty hot in his scrubs huh? He can either wear slacks and a nice dress shirt or scrubs...let's take a poll; how often do you think Adam will wear slacks? The results are in: Never. It is also my premier work week. I am going into Riverside tomorrow to test out a new database that I will be able to access from home. I will be going in once a week to collect the contracts that I will be eternally scrambling to persuade ADT to purchase. Its also my premier week as a full time mom. I officially am on my own at this. I'll let you know how that goes. And la la lahhh!! It is the premier week for House and the Office, as if you all did not know. I have never in my whole life been a network TV junkie. Not even in high school. I have always enjoyed watching the news far more than any fictional depiction. No more. What does that mean about me as a person? I don't really know but I also don't care because I am so excited to have new episodes of the Office and House each week. Wahoo!

I was in Utah all week last week. It was so weird to go home and not feel at home because my husband was at our home. I ran a long 19 miler with my mom and Chel and I felt like crap. The bottom line is that I am just not in shape to run the marathon. I'm just not. I hate saying that, but its true. I don't know, I might just do it and will myself to finish but we'll see. My darling favorite friend from college, Lauren Lalli, got married on Wednesday. It was so nice to be able to leave my sweet son, whom I adore, with people I knew were dying to have him. It made it easy for me to enjoy a whole day of adult interaction. Chelsea kept him while I attended the sealing and luncheon, which was wonderful. I have not made many opportunities for myself to be in the temple since Eli was born and it was so nice to just be there. And then Grandma Natalie kept him while Chelsea and I went to the reception that night. She looked beautiful, it was elegant and perfect; I got all teary eyed just driving up there thinking about weddings and love and what not. I think it was because I was listening to cheesy country music, but I am also certain that having a baby has changed the composition of my brain and heart. Who doesn't love weddings? I really do, but I have never been the type to get all weepy just thinking about my husband and baby and all that. That's at once scary and wonderful to think about how capable of change we humans really are. Anyway, I spent most of the week wrapping up loose insurance etc. ends for Duane and Eli and catching up with friends and family. It was really nice and I got to see a lot of people that I have not in quite a while.

We then drove to Las Vegas and stayed with my aunt Wendy for a night. Adam met me there and we had a fun little 18 hour visit with the Jacobson clan. We have four aunts between us within 2-3 hours each way so that is pretty sweet I guess. Anyway, we got home yesterday and I am glad to get my baby back on a regular schedule. He didn't really nap all week because he was in such high demand.


Heather said...

Tell Addy good luck this week! I'm with you on the never wearing slacks vote.
It was good to see you and Eli! We had fun visiting and squeezing his skinny body!
We love you guys.

Susan said...

Oh my.. I can't believe that adam finally started school! I remember when he finished applying to all of his schools. How did he like his first day? is he glad that he chose loma linda?

E is getting so big. Have fun your first week alone! It's tuff, but fun.

Susan said...

About the House premier... I loved it! I guess this season will be a long interview to build up a new team. I do miss the old team though. I can't believe that it's fall already. we'll have something else to talk about!!!