Monday, August 20, 2007

Me love you long time

Wow we missed our late night office marathons while we have been away. We had a grand old time vacationing (sort of) in Utah and Idaho but we are truly glad to be back home. It is weird how quickly a place can become your home. We had so much fun mingling with all of our family, playing up at our favorite place in the world: Atlanta, ID, and welcoming Cam home from Japan. I thought we would be so sad to come back to California. But after two weeks both of us were missing our own bed and our normal everyday routine. Imagine that. And of course we were going through office withdrawls. We have a highly ambitious goal of getting through season two before Adam starts school so good thing we are home now...although its amazing, well depressing actually, how much more food we need to buy for the week when we don't consume two plus meals a week at one of our family's house. At least our parents' food budget has probably decreased. Small consolation.

I seriously think that the ranch in Idaho is my favorite place I have ever vacationed-second maybe only to Lake Powell. I love being able to take my dog, baby and husband to a place where we can spend concentrated amounts of time doing all kinds of different things that we absolutely love in such a pristinely beautiful setting. We went on a super sick motorcycle ride up to two small lakes. It got pretty tricky and my poor little 100 pound sister was riding a bike that weighed about two and half times as much as she did so Adam is the only one who made it all the way up, but the journey was intensely beautiful. If I was nice, I would have switched her bikes but then Adam would have seen that I am not nearly as tough as I purport to be. This is what my hot husband looked like when we got back:

We went canoeing and swimming in the pond, hiking and running through the gorgeous and aptly named Sawtooth mountains, hung out by the natural spring water pool,

ate excellent food and mingled with wonderful company.

And, what's more, I had no short supply of willing babysitters. I love that place and I hope Nana and Wayne aren't too exhausted to invite us back next year. We didn't spend near enough time there this summer but I suppose I never could. I am posting my favorites but go here to see more:

We came home to Utah to welcome Cameron home from Japan. He's not even weird! It was so cool to hear him speak Japanese and to learn more about the culture and the difficulties he faced as a missionary. We still keep calling Eli "Eri" in honor of Japanese culture and we had quite a good time with the Jap jammies and kimono he brought us.

Lamentably, we left before we got to see Matt make a full recovery from his knee surgery. Poor guy tore his ACL and had it fixed while we were there. I can't say much other than that it looks like it just sucks. But it is pretty funny to watch someone come out of anaesthesia. We also missed Marc's first football game, Natalie's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!--and probably a bunch of other exciting things that we wish we could flash ourselves back to Utah for everyday. Happy twenty first birthday to Cameron too (we were there for that). We are glad that you are home Cam! You and everyone else come visit us whenever you like!


Heather said...

Shea wears his "Jap jammies" every night and then every morning for breakfast. I'm quite fond of them now. I haven't found a reason to wear my kimono yet, but I'll get on that.
Glad you're home safely. We miss you and had so much fun while you were here!
We'll see you soon!

Shannon said...

Such cute Pictures! I especially love the one of you guys posing "Jap" in your "jap jammies!
I saw your mom and cute sis on the Provo trail, i love those girls! Holy cow can they run. Crazy ladies.

Heather, you can always wear your komono for Halloween! ;)
They are actually very pretty "jap jammies"

Lori & Rj said...

I love the family picture. So cute!

Marcus Brittanie, and Indie said...

Ashley, guess who!!!!! It's your best friend, Brittanie...And yes I'm actually using a computer and trying to figure out the whole blog thing! How are you guys in Cali?