Friday, August 31, 2007

Good things and bad things


-110 outside
-95 inside because of our faulty air conditioner. Side note to future home buyers: PAY YOUR OWN INSPECTOR TO CHECK AND SEE IF IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE THE AIR CONDITIONER AND THE DISH WASHER WORK.
-Paying for a new air conditioner when you have a warranty that says that all of the appliances in your new home are guaranteed for a year.
-Old Republic Insurance company
-Finishing a good book
-Running after your haven't run for 3 weeks when it is 100 degrees outside
-Getting approved for lots of thousands of dollars worth of debt
-Missionaries walking into your house while you're nursing your baby...says Adam, "Don't worry babe. Every missionary has got to have a good breast feeding story. Just think, you can be that for Elder Sanderson." Great. Glad to be of service.


-The fact that once we get through this hot weather hell (pardon my French) it will be excellent, pleasant weather for the rest of the 9 months of the year.
-Being able to enjoy 85 degrees inside because we have grown accustomed to having it be so much hotter...85 is cheaper than 75.
-A NEW AIR CONDITIONER THAT WORKS WONDERFULLY...and probably saves us money in the long run because it works so much more efficiently than the thirty year old excuse of a machine that was in there before.
-Insurance sometimes? Sort of...I don't know, I guess insurance companies rock when they decide to follow through with what they promise to do for you. I am having a harder time with this one because I am still pretty mad that they won't replace it for us like the warranty says they should. Oh well.
-Reading a captivating book and getting excited every time you have a few minutes to sit down and read it.
-Running again after three weeks. I missed that.
-Getting approved for lots of thousands of dollars worth of loans. Good. Adam can go to school and we won't starve.
-Having the missionaries in our home to teach an investigator. Wow. I can't believe I have been a member of my church this long and I have never had that experience. I hope we can keep doing that on a regular basis because it has been a pretty remarkable thing to be a part of.


Heather said...

Things could be a lot worse. You could have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and no way to repay them. Or you could live in Chile with no air conditioning. Am I helping?
What book did you just finish?

Ashley said...

Its true. I'm totally a spoiled brat and I am truly glad that I do not live in Chile right now...but just so you know its 115 today! Bring your thinnest clothes possible. I just finished Eclipse-you know the vampire books that your mom hates? Its not great literature, but pretty captivating. I liked it.

Heather said...

Funny. I finished that book last week. It's nice to know what everyone is talking about at least. It is entertaining.
115!!! Is it supposed to be that hot next week? I hope not. Man!

Susan said...

I love your picture on your blog headline. it's so cute! yes, i'm still interested in working with Karim...let me know.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

It's Lindy Baker (Rawle). Just came across your blog and wanted to say hello. You have a cute little family. Hope everything is going great!