Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh wow

Seriously I have spent a decent portion of the last 24 hours feeding and rocking my baby. I'm not stupid, I know that's what moms just do; why I am having such a hard time??? He won't sleep. I can spend an hour feeding, rocking and holding him while he is on the verge of complete exhaustion and he won't give in. And when he does he fidgets the whole time so that he usually wakes up ten minutes later and barely gets any real rest. It is so frustrating. How am I ever going to work from home if it takes me three hours to get my screaming baby to take a nap? I seriously go through the routine of changing, feeding and rocking several times before he finally succumbs. Sometimes he doesn't sleep more than eight hours in a twenty four hour period. This can't be normal. Am I crazy or is my kid? He just fights it so hard and I wish I knew why because we are both miserable with this sort of routine. He finally did today and I didn't even feel guilty about running to the gas station, getting a big diet coke and chilling by the pool for an hour...he was asleep and Adam was home, so don't think I'm a terrible mom. I'm just a bad one. Good thing he's so cute and squishy.


Heather said...

Oh, honey. Those days are so normal. Sometimes you never find out why they act like that and they get over it, and other times they get sick, or you see a tooth, or any other number of excuses comes up.
Hang in there! He is adorable, and you are a great mom. All you can do is feed, rock, love, squish, play, feed and hope something works!

Susan said...

Savanna went through that stage when she was his age. I had to finally go outside no matter what time of day to distract her and ware her out! It was exhausting, but she wouldn't fall asleep breastfeeding as usual. Try going outside when he wont fall asleep and see if he likes to look around. If he's quiet you may get lucky by getting him to sleep. I usually put her over my shoulder and pat her bum till she gets tired. If i see that she will let me put her head down on my shoulder I know she's tired. IF not, then I have to entertain her a little more. At this point it's really just trial and error. Don't worry, it gets better (somewhat, even though Savy is only a month older than E). Love ya!!!

Shannon said...

k... Seriously you have to put him in his CRIB!!!
There is this Fabulous book called "The Baby Sleep book" by Dr. Sears, BUY IT! It's so good and you will absolutley see a difference! I did the Sleeping solution with Boston when he was 3 months, Hayes and Olivia 9 mo. ( I wish i would have done it sooner, but i couldn't stand to hear them Cry, especially after going through so much Crap in the NICU)
It's Hard, but it works! You will have the Best Sleeping Child FOREVER after you do it!
Good Luck!

Jane said...

another good book, healthy sleep habits happy baby. it gives sleeping tips by age. babies grow out of everything so he'll grow out of this too, it shouldn't be long. he is soooo sweet. i love chubby babies!