Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the beginning...

So Adam and I have been married for two and a half sweet years. We had a little boy named Eli seven weeks ago, which feels like the beginning of our family even though we know it began long before that. That being said, I suppose this setup is long overdue; from what I have been told, setting up a blog is like as important as breastfeeding for your child. I am a decent journal writer, a terrible scrapbooker and mildly computer illiterate. So this is definitely experimental. But I figure if I am going to spend all my time at home with my dog and baby then I should probably account for some of the exciting things that we do together.

Every cheesy thing that any parent ever says about having children and being a parent is really true. Perhaps this is why I was at such a loss for words to describe what giving birth to Eli was like-I don't generally do cheesy well. But having him has been a true joy. He spent the first nine days of his life in the NICU (which was a miserable and frustrating experience to say the least-although I realized how silly and self centered it is to say that when I found myself talking about it in front of Shannon Taylor, who went through I don't even want to guess how many more times a traumatic experience with her children not too long ago) for swallowing meconium before he was born. But all is forgotten now that he is home and healthy and eating like crazy!

Our little family will relocate to Loma Linda, CA later this year for Adam to attend dental school. We are really excited and just returned from a weekend excursion out there to look at a prospective condo that I really really love! It was Eli's first road trip and he was phenomenal! We took a day and went to the beach, checked out our new ward and went to dinner with Aunt Susan. We are excited to still have access to some family in California and be within a not terribly unbearable 9 hour drive from everyone else. The prospect of moving away is at once incredibly exciting and a little bit unnerving. Mostly, I don't want Eli to miss out on knowing what a cool crop of family he has here in beautiful Utah. But it will be great to start anew in a great new place.

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MS Walker said...

Ashley, Adam, Eli and Duan--I am with you Ashley, I don't much about Blogs...but, from what I can see you did a wonderful job!! your thoughts and words are great and the pictures are Wonderful!! It looks like you guys are enjoying California! Hopefully we will see you sometime this summer?!

Love you guys,
Mark, RoseMarie and the Twins...