Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm a moron

Sorry. No pictures tonight. My husband is currently on his way back to Huntington Beach to pick up our camera which I negligently left outside an admittedly excellent frozen yogurt shop. Thank God for honest people in the world. It is the worst feeling to contemplate losing something that you really can't replace. But we had a great time with Reed and Elisa and their kids in Huntington Beach today...apparently, because I forgot my very large camera. So maybe tomorrow. Or check Megan or Lindsay's blog; they are usually more on the ball than I am anyway, so they will probably have something from our awesome Mexican sojourn, which, as a sidenote, has left me with a not so awesome Mexican stomach bug. Oh well. At least someone turned in my camera.


Heather said...

That would have been awful if you'd lost your camera!

snlbarney said...

not on the ball, I am waiting to steal pics from you:) glad the camera was recovered!