Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Play, Politics & Pool Parties

Wow. Leaving a baby is like going on vacation except you only get ready for the vacation, but you don't go. Adam and I went with my family to see Les Miserables last night in Salt Lake. It was excellent. But I spent the entire day getting Eli and his stuff ready to go hang out with Grandpa Burr for the night. Fortunately, he didn't misbehave too badly so he might be welcome there again....Sweet. Except it was kind of hard to be away from him for that long. Good thing my handy dandy breast pump looks like a nice, giant purse, but too bad for that old, senile lady who walked in on me in the bathroom while I was using it. Oops. Her bad. I told you it was a hassle to leave a two month old. Wayne and Nana Janet were gracious enough to take all of us to dinner and to the play. I found out at dinner that my whole family thinks I am ridiculously liberal. Apparently my random question on my profile has caused quite the stir among the members of my overtly conservative family. I told them I may be slightly more liberal than Michael, but let's be honest-who isn't? Anyway, they all think I am a democrat because I think Joe Biden is funny and I don't hate Harry Reid. But we had a great time talking, eating, and seeing one of the best attempts to help man reconcile God's ability to be both completely just and entirely merciful at once.

Speaking of liberal people, I was watching the Chris Matthews show on MSNBC the other day, grateful for someone to take a break from discussing Paris freaking Hilton and all of her medical issues that bailed her out of jail for a minute to talk about real news; and he had Ben Afflek on the show. I am not a super fan of his mostly mediocre movies, but wow that guy knew his politics. He was well spoken and modest, almost unconvincingly modest (I told you he wasn't a very good actor), and very insightful about the sentiments American people and movie stars feel in evaluating the presidential candidates. He is obviously a Barack Obama supporter, but he seemed to be fairly objective in his assessment of the campaign. I suppose I will just make myself out even more to look like a democrat by saying this, but I thought that if everyone in Hollywood was as informed as he is and still wanted to vote for Barack Obama (not Hillary though, I can't get around that one) then I suppose that is ok. The more I watch though, the more I am so impressed with Mitt Romney. Not only is he good looking and smooth talking, he is principled enough to stick to his guns and values yet moderate enough to be electable by the general population. The country needs someone who has had experience unifying a fractured state; Mitt Romney has served as a conservative leader in a liberal state and I think that is invaluable experience to bring to the presidency. There is my plug for Mitt. And honestly, it has nothing to do with him being LDS.

I took E to the pool today and we are going again tomorrow with Olivia and Heather. I am so pleased to hear that Audrey is infatuated with Eli...we went over to play games and get in the hot tub on Saturday night and Audrey was so cute with Eli. She even let him borrow, er steal, one of her diapers since I am a moron and forgot to restock the diaper bag. It didn't fit very well, but Adam is a master jimmy rigger of all things and he cut it down to size. Literally. But Olivia said that she is now pointing at his picture and saying "Baby!" How fun. Audrey and Lucy are at such a fun age and while I am sad at how exponentially fast my baby is growing out of his clothes, it is fun to have a glimpse of all the fun things to come in those two little girls. Anyway, that should be fun to go to the pool, but I can't wait until Eli is old enough to actually play at the pool. Well, maybe I can, because that means that he will be playing in the water and I have to be a good parent and chase him around. After we go to the pool, we are going to go have a barbecue for Grandpa Burr's big birthdday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN! I can't believe it is already the middle of June. I keep telling people that we are going to move in the middle of July, as if it is like really far away. Oh, I am dreading that whole process. But I am excited to go.


Shannon said...

"AMEN Sista" on Mitt Romney!

It was so fun to see you and Eli at the Pool, i have LOTS of cute little baby boy clothes, if you want them let me know!
Have fun at the BBQ for Bryan!!

Heather said...

If Hillary wins, I'm moving out of the country. The pool was fun! Let's do it lots before, well, you know. You guys leaving...I'm not talking about it.

Susan said...

HEY!!! Yeah, Hillary better not win. Anyways, you better start packing!!! Moving was such a mission, I was dying and was soooo greatful for your help. Anyways, your so lucky though because you'll be able to unpack when you get there. It's been a month that we've been here and our apartment isnt even close to being done. WE miss you guys!!!! Good luck!!!