Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Did you see that? I just did my first slide show, as shown below. I am quite proud and my husband should be too. Just kidding, its really not that hard but I am functionally handicapped where the computer is concerned. Happy Father's Day to my amazing father and father-in-law, my great brothers-in-law, uncles, friends, and mostly my most wonderful husband who has outdone even himself with his fathering skills. I should have known what a wonderful and attentive father Adam would be; there is nothing he is not exceptionally good at. There is nothing that he does partway. But I never could have guessed that my favorite part of being a mother would be to watch my husband be a dad. I love you Adam and watching you attend to Eli and taking such a profound interest in caring for him has made me feel so lucky to share this responsibility with you!

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