Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My new favorite hobby

Chelsea took this picture on her phone, so its not super high quality, but I sat and watched him fall asleep at the pool for a good thirty minutes--we needed something to show for that. I think my favorite part of being Eli's mom is watching him fall asleep. Its so funny. He fights it so hard and will do anything to stay awake. I always think that the process itself is cute, but then when I see him asleep like this, my heart just melts.


Heather said...

I love that sweet nephew! He is so stinking adorable!

Susan said...

Hey Ash! You're doing good with your blog, but if you need links to spice it up here you go!


That's pretty much all i use for now. Anyways, yeah the job thing is going ok for now. He has an interview with Enterprise tomorrow. They do a year training program that starts you from the bottom up, so it should be interesting. Oh well, he'll be taking the LSAT in September anyways so he'll only work for about a year. Anyways, i miss you guys! Post up new pics!!!!

Susan & Savanna