Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eli's wildest dreams have come true

Santa brought Eli an Ipod touch. He doesn't know what it is, he doesn't know what it does, he just knows that it contains a wealth of amazing buttons which do really cool things when repeatedly touched. He looks at us, looks at the Ipod, grins, laughs, and goes "HA!" And we like it because it is not a phone which he can break or a device from which to accidentally call 911 or obscure acquaintances. I have never seen a child so thrilled as when we showed it to him...we didn't realize it was going to be his, but he quickly commandeered it just as he has done to all of the phones, remotes and everything we own with buttons. I suppose we should have known.

Adam had an extra X-box that he listed on Craigslist, which by the way is my favorite hobby right now...maybe it is just that we need extra Christmas money, but I also love walking around my house and finding things that I don't need or use and getting rid of them. So we had a lot of people interested but one kid wanted to trade his Ipod touch for the Xbox. While doing so involved a few sketchy details, such as meeting a high school teenager at a Riverside Walmart at 10:30 on a Friday night...what?? Yeah, I thought my husband might get shot. Nevertheless, he is alive and now Eli is the happiest child. And so are we, because it is going to mean a much smoother, pleasant and less complicated drive to Utah.

Also, it has finally cooled off and is now raining here, which means I can finally turn on my fireplace and enjoy it, which means Duane sits in front of it all day long, which means Eli has to lay down with him if we wants to hang out with him, which he does because they love each other, which makes me love both of them.


megan said...

That last picture is priceless. So cute. And great trade! I love that it was at Walmart at night- classic!

3WimmerBoys said...

That is hilarious about meeting at the Walmart at 10 pm. I am surprised he didn't get shot. Eli is getting so big, I can't wait to see him!