Friday, February 15, 2008

Carpet is better than concrete... and Cinnamon Sun Chips are even better

Heather: I get your whole fetish with the visible vacuum lines thing; I have just never had carpet that was nice enough to show the vacuum lines. It's cool. Happy Valentine's Day to us from our Homeowner's association: our house is finally whole again. The carpet was installed yesterday; no more yucky men in and out of my house all day. No more skid marks from said yucky men in my toilet. No more asking them to leave for a minute so I can use the bathroom, or waiting until four o clock to take a shower when they leave. Yes. My house is mine again. And E now has a place in our house where he can topple over without incurring a black and blue mark on his head. SO he is obviously happy about that.

Has anyone tried cinnamon Sun Chips? Wow. In ice Cream? Yeah, they are really good. This is a picture of Eli overwhelmingly approving. Adam inherited his dad's excellent meat cooking skills so we had some delicious steak and vanilla bean ice cream with caramel, raspberries and cinnamon Sun Chips. So good. Take that all you suckas who went out for Valentine's Day-lame!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

The carpet looks great! In time, you'll just believe everything I say the first time I say it!
Sounds like a yummy Valentine's meal. Cinnamon Sun Chips sound like they're right up my alley. Eli must have good taste. (I hope you don't eat those kind of chips on your sandwich--yuck!)

Michelle Tolboe said...

Carpet looks really good!! Yeah, we didn't go out either. Over rated!! We only save random days for going out to eat. Which is every day. Which reminds me, you guys want to go out?? :)
We got a BBQ so we'll have to have Adam over to show off his BBQ-ing skills.
What are you guys doing while Chels is in town?

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting me on your "people i like" list. i hate you guys. you move to california and all of a sudden you're too cool for me. well i was born in california. so suck on that!

Lori & Rj said...

Thats so good your house is finally done!

snlbarney said...

Yeah for carpet, boo to bruises, and yummy to cinnamon sun chips... and staying in for Valentine's:)

megan said...

I'm excited to try those new Sun Chips! Yum! And yeah for new carpet, I'm glad your house is fixed!