Monday, February 25, 2008

2 First for me: Equally difficult

1-Enduring Sacrament meeting with four kids. Is the church a little bit less true while you are raising kids?
2-Jogging with two 25+ pound boys in a stroller and dog in tow.

Now I know why God invented primary and man invented school. I am down in San Diego watching Melissa's darling boys while she is on a cruise this week. My dog and baby are having a blast with all these boys to play with. So am I. I know nothing about being a mom yet. I am just playing house with one child. This is the big leagues.


Chelsea said...

Good for you! This is good practice for your future with six big boys running around. I miss you, I wish I was there to help!

Cambrie said...

Brave girl. Danthony and Kiera were hard enough for me! Good birth control eh?

Have fun in San Diego!

Heather said...

Birth control, indeed. It will make you happy to go home and just have E and Duane!