Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A more (mostly) positive update

I dislike leaving such a negative post up for so long as the front of my know, for all of my millions of readers. So the carpets are clean, the boys had fun at Father and Sons and I recovered (most of me anyway) from gorging myself on unhealthy eats. I also got to go to California and see some friends last weekend while the boys went camping at the sand dunes. It was so nice to see my friends. It turns out I can manage my life beautifully all by myself!! And sleeping in a dark hotel by yourself is highly underrated. At least for two days, anyway. Adam should get father of the year award for taking both boys and the dog camping AND making it half way through church by himself on Father's day. I also made it up the incline for the first time since my ankle injury...super slow recovery that has been frustrating and made me look like I should be trekking up the incline EVERYDAY. I went with this fun group of ladies from my ward though and we had a good time. 0/2gxChBFuICI/s1600/F%2Band%2BS.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left:1em; margin-right:1em">


runningfan said...

It was fun to hike with you...well, in your wake, that is. :)

AshleyS said...

had so much fun with you at dinner/closing down the restaurant. love you, friend! love that our friendship is a lasting one.

GrandmaQ said...

Yeah, there's a lot to be said for a night or two in a hotel -- ALONE. Glad I've got one coming up. But looking back, it's the #!X#O@! on the walls (or, in my case, two kids throwing at each other and the walls and giggling as they threw and smeared--I was in the next room thinking how nice it was that they were playing so nicely together--) anyway, that's much more memorable and lots more laughs than the nights out. All you need is about twenty years to get perspective. Remember -- Families are forever, if we can just get through today.